15 March 2019, by Jeremy Ratnam

Communication Goals

“In any relationship, especially between husband and wife, communication is essential, more so when the kids come along”

You would have to agree that the one thing that binds any relationship is COMMUNICATION.

Without it, life would be meaningless.

Can you imagine living in a world, where you shun everyone? I can’t…

Pick up any English dictionary and the probable first answer you’ll get after searching the word communication is…

“the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.”

Whether it’s a text message, a written letter, or speaking to each other, by reading that paragraph above, you know that it takes two to start the ball rolling.

So it’s fair to say, that in any relationship, especially between husband and wife, communication is essential, more so when the kids come along.


The other forms of communication aren’t really “ground-breaking” if you ask me.

Social media and our smartphones have played a big part in this. In my opinion, if we keep texting and face-timing, then the true essence of communicating with another person in the flesh is sadly depleted.


Being a DJ on radio, my job scope entails a lot of communication on and off the air.

From chatting with listeners, to interviewing celebrities, to having meetings with clients, every person whom I meet, gets my attention.

It is absolutely vital to know that communication isn’t a “one person scenario”, as it involves another person or more to impart or exchange ideas.


Communication among family members would be a little less stringent, or in this case more relaxed.

My wife and I communicate with each other from the start of the day to the end when we’re about to shut our eyes.

It is also very important that our children see both my wife and I speaking to each other.

Since our kids pick up very quickly, it is important for my wife and me to make sure that our communication has a certain standard, i.e. respecting each other’s opinion and not shouting or being rude to each other.

We already see the RatnamKiDS communicating with anyone we meet with absolute respect.


There are occasions when I find that I need to have a one-on-one with my child and I feel that it is best to do this in a calm and collective manner.

There might be rare occasions where I have to raise my voice due to reprimanding my child if he or she has done something, “not right”.
But at the end of the day, I make sure that my child understands that the scolding was necessary and that he or she is loved.



Just like in a workplace, I always believe that there should be a meeting room in our home.

Some of you might already have this room at home, it could be the Living Room or maybe a special room crafted out for entertainment. In the Ratnam’s household, it’s our Dining Table.

We are fortunate to have two dining rooms, one meant for the entire family to gather and have our meals and communicate with each other, and the other dining room is converted into a Games Room.

At the Games Room, communication is still key and we have all the different types of games there to keep the family chatty, especially the children’s favourite, Scrabble and Monopoly.


Now that all the RatnamKiDS are in Primary school, we understand that communicating with them currently is somewhat a breeze, but in a few years time, that might change.

We have seen it with family, friends, TV and even read about it. After a child reaches a certain age, he or she, might want to ‘distant’ him or herself from you.

It’s only natural.

But I believe there are ways to overcome this.

We will not know what the future holds, but for sure, the Ratnam’s household would keep communication as the number one activity in the family.

Staying close knitted will also help our family reach a certain level of communication that possibly only my family and I can understand, almost telepathically.

Speaking of which, what are your communication goals?

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