11 March 2019, by E-van and Terry

The bun is in the oven

It is time to finally announce that Terry and I, are, how do they say it….?



Ok, where do I begin…

How did we find out? Well, the first tell tale sign was that I missed my period. But of course. We waited for a week before doing the pregnancy test and got a very positive pregnant result.

It wasn’t rainbows and butterflies. It was an… “Oh wow! It really says positive.” We felt pretty happy about it! So how does being pregnant feel like? Do I feel nauseous? Crazy cravings?

Well, I think for most women, the first trimester is all about… Exhaustion. Pardon me, I meant, EXHAUSTION.

There is no way to describe it. I’m not an easily exhausted person, but the month of December was so trying for me. Work was a lot harder, the hours were longer, and all I wanted was some rest. I wanted to scream “Let me sleep!”

I wouldn’t consider my nausea as bad as some of the pregnant women I know. I do feel nauseous here and there and I only really puked twice since my pregnancy. The thing that really works from my nausea would be dried ginger and sour plum (they are really  my lifesavers!).

This pregnancy has gotten me drawn to fast food and my crazy pregnancy cravings are 臭豆腐 (smelly toufu) a street food from Hongkong that smells like… poop, no joke!  Just a few weeks ago I really really wanted to eat some smelly toufu, and when I finally got my hands on it, I INHALED them like there’s no tomorrow and man was I satisfied!

The worst part of pregnancy thus far is the worrying, the paranoia and of course not forgetting the headaches.

We had our first scan at 8 weeks and saw baby’s little legs and the start of what seemed like it’s little arms.


At our second appointment, we heard baby’s heartbeat, it sure sounded loud and strong. Hearing and seeing the ultrasound puts my heart and mind at ease. But after awhile, paranoia sinks in again. I start getting wild thoughts like “Is baby doing ok?”, “Why do I not feel pregnant today?”, “Why can’t I feel baby?”… Yup that’s me now. Paranoia Frenzy all day every…day.

And while paranoia mentally tortures me, baby seems to know that I need a little reassurance. I started feeling little soft, padded, mini thumps recently. And they excite me so much! Even if it happens on the train, I wouldn’t care if anyone thinks I’m a crazy weird woman, I would hold my lower belly and wear a huge grin on my face. I’ll be more than happy for baby to kick me more and as often as baby wants! Hehe.

The pregnancy perks are never-ending. Everyone treats me with so much care and concern. Not too long ago, an Ah Ma on the train “scolded” me for giving up my seat to her. I have to say, it hasn’t fully sunk in that I’m a pregnant person with rights for reserved seats on public transports! I’m also surprised that people have started giving up their seats to me! So paiseh (embarrassing), but it sure makes me happy.

Terry has always been a wonderful husband, he has now also doubled up as a bodyguard. If anyone were to come too close to me that it might seem like they are about to bump into me, I wouldn’t be surprised if he Wing Chun-ed them out of the way. He has also been cooking meals for me, even for work lunch, it is a really wonderful feeling.

As for work, I’ve asked for a transfer from performer to the hair and make up department, my company has agreed to it and I’ll be there till after I give birth. It beats not having a job at all and learning from a new perspective has been really fun. 😊

Before pregnancy, when I wore tight dresses and had a full meal, I would have to suck it in to look presentable.

Now? I just let it all go and relax the belly AND people would find it beautiful. Hahahaha!

Ah, I love being pregnant!


Our next appointment will be in late March where we’ll be 20 weeks. It’s also at this appointment that we will know baby’s gender! We may or may not announce the gender… Who knows? Stay tuned!


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