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If your menstrual cycles are regular, the egg will ovulate every month after maturation and be ready for fertilisation resulting...

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  • Penis size is not the deciding factor in your fertility.
  • Saliva, if used as lubricant for vaginal sex, can affect the motility and viability of the sperm.
  • Smoking, obesity, underweight and irregular periods are factors that decrease fertility.
  • Having more sex won’t up your chances at pregnancy.
  • Certain positions during sex may increase the chances of conception.
  • If you married and above 35, a simple fertility check may be helpful for you and your spouse!
  • If you have been trying for a baby for more than one year without success, consult your gynaecologist.
  • Conceiving, carrying and birthing a child is by no means an easy feat. If you are planning to have a child, your body needs to get fit now.
  • As a woman approaches ovulation, her cervical mucus will increase. When this mucus is semi-transparent and resembles raw egg white, she is at her most fertile period.
  • A 24-year-old woman has about 25% chance of conceiving naturally per month. The chances drop to 5% by age 35.
  • A baby girl is born with 1 to 2 million eggs cells and at puberty, less than half the amount remains and only a few of these egg cells will mature to be fit for fertilisation.
  • Heat from putting a laptop directly on your lap destroys sperm.
  • It is important for men to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle when trying for baby. Overweight and underweight individuals may be less fertile.
  • Want more sperm? Wearing boxer shorts helps keep temperatures cooler for better sperm production.
  • Sperm takes three months to develop form cell to sperm! Alcohol and Nicotine intake during this timeline can interfere with sperm development and production.
  • Sperm quality and quantity decreases significantly in men after 35.
  • It is important for men to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle when trying for a baby. Overweight and underweight individuals may be less fertile.

A fertility campaign by I Love Children - to help you understand more about male and female fertility.

ILC is a non-profit organisation set up in 2005 with a mission to advocate early parenthood among couples. ILC believes that children bring joy to everyone's lives and that all married couples should take the bold plunge into parenthood!

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