22 July 2016, by E-van and Terry - No Comments

Wedding Prep Update – Two months left!

We are two months away from our wedding! Invites have been sent out. We designed and made the wedding invites ourselves and I’m super proud of it! Terry did the drawings of us (so cute!) and the words are all handwritten by me. Here’s how our invite looks like. We only printed a few hard copies for our relatives and really close friends. For everyone else, we did it through Facebook invite. (let’s save paper) (and erm, money) We have recently met up with the decor + catering people, went to the venue to sort out some details up, did» Read More

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Impromptu Pulau Ubin Hike

Due to a serious lack of time and (let’s face it) motivation, the start of my university journey seriously annihilated any attempt I made to exercise. They were in fact, all replaced with either pouring over lecture readings, writing of essays or working freelance. So over the Hari Raya weekend, N and I decided to go on an impromptu Pulau Ubin hike. I am really using the word ‘decided’ loosely here because all I agreed to do that weekend was explore Changi Village with N. That means I agreed to eat as much food at Changi Village as I could.» Read More

12 July 2016, by Gerald Koh - No Comments

The Wifey Takeover

Hi! It’s Zhixin here. Yes, the silly boy had this weird idea of getting me to hijack a blog post. I’m not too sure what should I write or how I should start. Let me share with you the many silly things he has done to get me so madly in love with him 🙂 Well, like most couples, we do have our ups and downs. But we try not to have cold wars as we feel that they are just a waste of time. Taking time to cool down is different from having a cold war. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever» Read More

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To Eat Or Not To Eat

After confirming my pregnancy, it was time to get into pregnancy mode! The first thing I did was to google “Dos and Don’ts of a Pregnant Woman”. No smoking. Checked. (Well, I’ve never smoked all my life.) No drinking. Checked. (Well, I haven’t touched even a teeny weeny bit of alcohol in the last two years.) A self-proclaimed health freak (compared to my other friends who have a lot of unhealthy indulgences), I deeply believe that I won’t have much adjusting to do during pregnancy… But wait… *scrolls down to the bottom of the list* there are so many things» Read More

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Soma on Solids!

So we are a few weeks into Soma starting solids! She started off great, enthusiastically taking anything I would put on a spoon. However, we have come to a little standstill and I can’t help but wonder if another milestone is around the corner: teeth! Lately she hasn’t even been keen on anything, even apple or pear (which have been our go-to staple) so I think the next weeks will be telling. It’s been really cool to have meal time together as a family of four. We put Soma in her high chair and let her play as we eat. She» Read More

28 June 2016, by E-van and Terry - No Comments

Pre-wedding Shoot in Jakarta (Part 1)

Our short-lived three day trip to Jakarta was very fruitful. We decided to arrive a day before the photo shoot to explore and to familiarise ourselves within that little part of this big city for our pre-wedding shoot. And of course, the food! We are very enthusiastic and adventurous when it comes to tasting the local delights. But for now, let’s stay focused! Why Jakarta? This choice made some of our Indonesian and Singaporean friends a little puzzled. Terry and I both love backpacking since our early dating years. They weren’t the easy and relaxing kind of backpacking, but the ones that required» Read More

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Birthdays are Awesome!

Earlier this month, Cristan celebrated his 5th birthday! Wow…my little boy is growing up too fast! Tim and I deliberated for a while about whether we should organise a birthday party for him this year, because he’s now older and has started requesting for one! But in the end, we convinced him to forego a party, and instead we would bring him out on a super-fun excursion to celebrate as a family. (Also because this lazy momma can’t keep up with the lavish kiddy parties that are being thrown nowadays…) As for his friends, we got him an Avengers ice-cream» Read More

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Enough of all these Pregnancy Dos & Dont’s!

This post goes out to all the soon-to-be-mummies who’ve found that life as a Preggy isn’t made easier with a long, detailed list of prescriptive ‘Dos’ & ‘Do Nots’ to be confined within. Already with our hormones and physical changes taking control of our lives, options of what we’d like to eat and do are somewhat reduced – but add on an ever-growing checklist put together by all breeds of ‘experts’ and you might find your preggy life not that enjoyable. Here’s what I mean. And if you’re the kind who’s really into superstition and hearsay, you might not agree» Read More

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Baby’s First Flight

My first destination wedding was also the first time Ezra travelled out of Singapore. At nine months, my son is probably too young to remember any of it, but it was definitely unforgettable for my wife Petrina and myself. It took about two and a half hours to get from Singapore to Bali, and we picked a Saturday afternoon flight. Pre-baby, I always looked forward to flights. This time, I was a bundle of nerves! My main concerns: – How would Ezra react to the change in cabin pressure during takeoff and landing, and will nursing help to alleviate the» Read More

23 June 2016, by Gerald Koh - No Comments

How we fell in love

It’s been 6 years since a girl who never listened to the radio as a staple crossed my path 🙂 I have been very lucky for most parts of my life, but LUCK had a greater and more interesting meaning the moment I realised that I was holding her hand for the first time 6 years ago. She was never an avid listener of radio, and the way fate works is kinda cool 🙂 I never understood what fate really was… Not until now 😉 So Adam Lambert had a promo back then and it was his first time in» Read More