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I Love Children (ILC) is a social service agency set up in September 2005 with the aspirations to keep Singapore young – by advocating a higher priority to having children and educating couples on fertility wellness. We inculcate the value and importance of parenthood and family among Singaporeans, as well as encourage a children-friendly environment in Singapore.

We strive to be Singapore's one-stop portal for parenthood and fertility health. We also partner like-minded individuals and partners, and where possible, provide support to couples with fertility challenges.

Day-to-day operations are managed by a Secretariat comprising a team of three. The Secretariat is guided by a Board of Management made up of individuals from all walks of life, age, and marital status. What binds members together is the common belief in the importance of the family and the joy that children can bring.

I Love Children works with professionals who are experts in fertility, finances, and work-life balance matters, so as to provide clear and factual tips and advice to our audiences.

All events and content by I Love Children will be kept secular and with no plagiarism. Any extracts will be linked back to their source. We do not tolerate cyberbullying and will take immediate actions to protect the rest of our audience.

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore, please find ILC’s Personal Data Protection Policy here.

Safety Measurements Officer (SMO)

Callista Fu is appointed as the Safety Measurements Officer (SMO) of I Love Children. For general queries or feedback, please contact us here and we will get back to you within two (2) weeks.       


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A Singapore that is children-plenty and children-friendly...

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Each board member brings a wealth of experience to leapfrog ILC into the next decade...

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