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Fertility Health Check


Read about the FAQs of Fertility Health Checks and TCM Fertility Consultations.


FAQs about Fertility Health Check

1)  WHAT is a fertility health check?

It is an assessment of a couple’s fertility – to identify areas that may affect their chances of a natural pregnancy.

For women, it includes an ultrasound scan and hormone blood test. For men, it will include a semen analysis. In some couples, specialised scans and additional tests may be required*.

* Further tests recommended by the gynaecologist is not be part of ILC’s Know Your Fertility Wellness campaign fertility health check package and subject to prevailing fees/charges.

2)  WHY should couples go?

It is to help identify contributing factors and eliminate any conditions that could prevent or delay a healthy pregnancy.

Some reasons include: mild symptoms such as menstrual cramps, which are often dismissed as “normal”, and low sperm count and quality (which cannot be detected without lab tests).

Being healthy is not a sign of being fertile.

3)  WHO should go?

Couples who are planning for children. It is also recommended for newlyweds, those trying to conceive and couples who have been trying for more than six months without success.

It takes two to complete a fertility health check.

4)  HOW long will this check 'last'?

There’s no official ‘validity period’ as fertility is affected by many factors, such as age, stress, health, etc. which may occur at any time.

If there are no significant changes to the couple’s health profile, and where the fertility check shows normal findings, then a couple (under 35 years) may try for baby naturally for the next one to two years.

Don’t guess your fertility health when trying to conceive.

A repeat fertility check may be considered for couples who had a previous pregnancy and/or delivery:

  • A long interval (2 years or more) from the last pregnancy/delivery
  • Surgery performed since the last check (including caesarean section)
  • New illness or change in health since the last check (including new medications or treatment)
  • Couples above 35 years old


Did you know: Only a third of infertility cases are due to female problems. A third are due to males and the remaining third are due to unknown causes.

5)  WHERE can couples go?

Couples can visit any hospitals or clinic that has a gynaecologist with a special interest in fertility. Each hospital and doctor may recommend different tests, depending on the couple’s fertility wellness. Fees vary according to the tests and doctors’ consultation.

Visit this link to find out more!

Not ready for babies? It’s never too early to check.

6)  WHY is conception difficult?

Some reasons include: endometriosis, advanced age, increased body weight and infrequent sexual intercourse. Infertility can also happen to couples who previously had a successful pregnancy.  

The first pregnancy does not guarantee the second.



FAQs about Traditional Chinese Medicine Fertility Consultation

How the consultation helps:
  • Better understanding of couple’s body constitution according to TCM Diagnosis
  • Identify suitable TCM treatments
  • Provide dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations
How acupuncture helps:
  • Improve blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Release endorphins for mental/emotional wellness
  • Enhance sleep quality
Suitable for:
  • Muslim couples: TCM medications are not halal certified, only botanical herbs will be used.
  • Couples embarking on western fertility treatments



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