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MR PAUL SEE is founder of Priority Wealth Pte Ltd, a practice management consultancy for financial literacy. He is also senior financial services director of Professional Investment Advisory Services (PIAS).


With 18 years of experience in the financial industry on risk management and financial services, Paul has helped many individuals achieve financial freedom. He is often engaged by Securities Investors Association (SIAS), MOE, NIE and MoneySENSE as a speaker for their various seminars and has appeared on Channel U, 938Live and various magazines to provide his insights on financial strategies and wealth management.


Paul has also spoken at several I Love Children events on the benefits of planning financially for baby and family; and brings his brand of wit and humour to these sessions. He is currently writing a book based on the FinancialRuler¬ģ model he developed.


Paul is a hands-on dad to two young boys, Leedon (7 years) and Lucius (5 years).


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