Is it important to have a good sex life in your marriage? Many of us are stuck in the habit of having “mechanical sex” especially for those who are trying to conceive. Even for parents, we are so caught up with parenting that we forget to romance each other.

Join us for this free webinar as Dr Angela Tan, an intimacy coach from Academy of Relationship & Sex, shares tips on how to spice up your marriage.

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Disclaimer: Mature content for 21 years and above.

Speaker profile:
Dr. Angela Tan is a practising doctor with a Fellowship in Sexual Medicine. Blending her medical knowledge and her skills as a Professional Certified Coach, she works with individuals and couples to gain insight into the art of lovemaking and overcome their challenges. "You will understand when you grow up" was a common phrase to many of us when it comes to love and intimacy. Although a great part of our lives, this tabooed topic have unfortunately been the least taught topic in schools and in society and resulted in the struggles we face today. Clients of Dr. Angela appreciates her openness, professionalism, and most importantly, provision of a safe space for them to explore and learn about this tabooed topic. As a young parent herself, she experiences her own struggles of intimacy amidst being overwhelmed by parenting and demands as an entrepreneur. This motivated her to create time-saving strategies that actually work to reignite passion in young parents which she will be sharing in the session.


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