The final test of your wizarding education has begun... who knows what magical trials await you?

The Story So Far...
It’s your final year in the most prestigious magical academy in the world! As part of your final exams in your chosen field of magic, The Study of Magical Creatures, you have been tasked to research into and find out as much as possible about your House emblem’s creature.

Since this concerns your final Wizard Grade, you must also seek to earn extra points by passing tests in other electives and activities.

Will you be able to pass your exams with the coveted S class Mage Certification, or will you run out of time?

- Explore a riveting world of magic
- Tasks and challenges to test your resolve in the magical arts - with limited resources and an ever changing game situation, your resolve is put to the ultimate test
- Vie for the coveted S-Class ranking!
- Complimentary movie passes for the first 800 participants, along with an awesome goodie bag!

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Fee: $10 refundable deposit per pax (In the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited)

This event is for Singaporeans and PRs between 18 to 35 years old.

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