23 June 2022, by Richard Liu

About Richard Liu

Hi! I’m Richard. If you had told my swinging single self 12 years ago that I would be the soulmate to a beautiful lady and diaper man to two adorable rascals, I would have laughed in your face.

Yet here I am today, a hubby and daddy.

It has been quite a journey. Romance between my wife and me was as much about serendipity as initiative. Stuck in a hotel room one night during a work trip, I decided to catch up with a former university mate on MSN Messenger (remember that?), and things just took off from there.

And gents, if a lady you fancy is willing to watch a movie about Valentines’ Day with you alone, please get the big fat hint and don’t be a blockhead like me.

Married life and parenthood is a mix of the grand stuff and the more mundane. On one hand, we are planning how to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next year with a splash. On the other, we have to clean up after the very literal splash our kids make in the bathroom during shower time.

Still, the two rascals are the greatest gift we could have ever dreamt of. The sister is 6 years old, and the brother is 4.

Nevertheless, despite a cumulative 10 years of parenting experience, we have yet to solve an enduring mystery – sibling rivalry. Maybe the I Love Children community can impart some pearls of wisdom!

Besides writing, I let my hair down with a book in hand. And of course, blowing kisses to my wife and chasing after the two rascals.

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Posted on : June 23, 2022

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