22 June 2022, by Chloe Teo

Let’s try for a baby

Project “Let’s try for a baby”

Hello June! It has been an exciting month for Ben and me as we have finally decided to start trying for a baby!

Before getting married, we have all along discussed how long we want to have our couple time before deciding if we would like to have a kid 😀 And finally, after 2 years plus, we feel that we are finally ready to start trying for a kid!

We are not sure how long this journey will take, or where this journey will take us, hopefully, it won’t take us too long to reach the next stage of this baby project haha!

Keeping our fingers and toes crossed!

Let me share more on our couple’s prep work hehe!

1. Fertility health check

Firstly, we went for a fertility health check to assess our fertility health. You can read more about our experience in this link: https://ilovechildren.sg/blog/2021/12/15/what-happens-during-fertility-health-check/

During the fertility health check, Dr Janice provided the following advice for us after analysing our test results:

For Ben:

  • Keep the groin area cool
  • Cap caffeinated drinks at 1 cup a day
  • Consume Men’s multivitamins (Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, E, Folic, Selenium)

For me: 

To load up on these supplements:

  • Folic acid or multivitamins
  • Vitamin D 
  • CoQ10 enzyme/ubiquinol
  • Probiotics (Women’s health)

I’m taking the Blackmores Conceive Well Gold which is a combination of vitamins & nutrients to support preconception health. It is easily available and can be bought off the shelf. 

2. Period tracker & ovulation test kits

Before June, I have been tracking my period cycle using the Flo app. This will help to track my ovulation dates for optimal chances of conceiving. I have also bought the Clearblue Ovulation test kits to better track my optimal ovulation date. When you take the test and get a smiley face, it means you are ovulating and it’s optimal to try within the 48hrs timeframe.

An empty circle means you are not ovulating.

3. Lifestyle habit changes

Another lifestyle habit to improve will be to start sleeping early as well as building up our fitness and core. For me, I started to do a few sets of jump rope every day. I have read online that it is helpful to strengthen our core and fitness to increase our chances to conceive.

I’ve also visited a TCM to find out more about my fertility health and realised that my womb is cold, likely due to my lifestyle habits of drinking cold drinks as and when I like. For a change, I have also started to drink warm drinks since the start of this year, in fact, I’ve taken a liking to warm drinks these days. Cold drinks are a rare treat for me these days! 😀 I hope this helps to better prepare my body and womb.

4. Mental preparation

Well, apart from preparing ourselves physically, mental prep and financially (making plans on how we might need any changes in our current career plans accordingly).
We spent quite a lot of time talking it out and reconfirming if we really are ready for a kid. Apart from the agreed long holiday that we are currently planning for, I know that we are finally ready to embark on this journey. It is really exciting, well sometimes nerve-wracking.

One thing I know for sure, we will try our best and hope for the best for this new journey that we are embarking on! Any tips on how to improve our chances of conceiving are welcomed, please comment in the comment box below. Thank you!

In the meantime, we will pray hard and stay tuned for our next post on our journey 😀

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