23 December 2021, by E-van and Terry

Low-cost Christmas Activities with a Toddler!

It’s the time of year again where we hear Christmas Carols and the Christmas lights at Orchard Road is up! It is still my favourite holiday even though I live with The Grinch – my husband!

Although I gotta say, this year he did surprise me by getting excited to build our tiny Christmas tree. There is hope! 😂

This year, I decided to do a few in-home Christmas activities with my son. Nothing fancy, just some stuff off my head and simple to do. At 2.5 years old, he is into colour recognition, colour sorting and he is also learning independence of using everyday tools we can find at home. I hope you find the following Christmas-themed activities useful for your toddler as well!


1. Christmas Colour Sorting!

As we know, Christmas colours are full of reds and greens. So what I did here was to find anything small enough to be scooped up or can be easy to pick with a tong!

I also made a red and green bowl out of our magnetic tiles and placed them outside of our activity bin for him to dump them in! If you’d like, you can definitely make this a foamy activity to add in the element of “snow”. But like I said, nothing fancy, something simple for us! I’d think it’ll be super fun with the foam! All you need is their soap and water – simple right? But of course, be careful with the items you put in, you wouldn’t want to rust your metal items or end up with mold on your wooden items 😲

What we have in our activity bin ranged from peg dolls to felt balls to acrylic cubes, it was anything I could find that is in red and green. 


2. Christmas tree made out of toys

Before my husband surprised us with a Christmas tree, I have already resigned to the fate that living with the Grinch, I can forget about having a Christmas tree in our home so I had to make use of whatever we had on hand! Raph has plenty of wooden toys and I was elated that we had enough green blocks to build a Christmas tree!

Of course, I had to have Raph help out with the building and bejeweling of our wooden tree! 

I am super happy with how it turned out and it even received an all-approving nod from The Grinch when he came home from work! The baubles or “jewels” were made out of acrylic cubes! But I’m sure with ordinary blocks and little loose parts or little toddler toys, a wooden tree similar to ours can be built too!


3. Creating memories with the REAL Christmas tree

My Grinch at home is most uncomfortable with the idea of buying an expensive tree that takes up so much space in our small home. So when we came across a shop in Changi Jewel that sold a small Christmas tree for $20, and perhaps the height of just two shampoo bottles, with everything included – the baubles, pine cones, a ribbon, a Merry Christmas sign, the main star 🌟 and even the LED lights! Now THAT is a true Christmas miracle, especially for this auntie. It was a casual remark from the husband (aka Grinch) “$20? Yeah, that’s not bad, we can get it” 😱😱😱 I was beyond excited! I quickly told the sales girl nearby to lock that tree IN before my husband regrets or hesitates. It was such a fun family activity to put the tree up together.

It was more fun with Raph as he could very well be part of it and see his own handiwork in all its glory!

Of course, I swooped in after to “neaten” things up because well, I just had to 😅 If you haven’t gotten yourself a Christmas tree yet, I highly recommend that you do! It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree!

Take pictures with any Christmas trees because it’s cliche but necessary, and spend this holiday with your close ones and hold them close! Make it a yearly tradition to take photos of your toddler with your Christmas tree and compare how much they’ve grown each year, who knows, it might be a nice gift perhaps 20 years down the road, or turn each picture into a yearly Christmas ornament.


4. MistleTOEs

This is an activity that we will be trying on Christmas Eve night, and as the name hints, it will be involving TOEs!

We have loads of paper and ribbons at home and some children-friendly paint from our last activity. And instead of finger-painting, we will be getting our feet green (like the Grinch🤣) to create these cute little MistleTOEs:

Source: Pinterest


5. DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

This is something we might be doing if we have the time, look at how cute these ice cream stick ornaments are!

Source: Pinterest

All we need are paint, markers, ribbons and ice cream sticks, all of which I have in my home!

To be honest, Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday, what truly is important is the time spent with family, which I am really looking forward to, my family tradition comes complete with singing Christmas carols and gift-giving/receiving! (The very activity that completely drains my husband 😂)

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family! Let’s have a great 2022!




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