21 December 2021, by Gideon Loh

A Father’s Letter To His Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I am so excited to meet you in a few weeks! I can see that you are growing bigger! You gave me a real good kick when I sang to you last night. It makes me wonder if that kick will one day score a winner for our National Soccer team in FIFA Women’s World Cup. Where will those feet bring you to? Was that a preview of the power by which you will grow up to stand for what is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy?

I must confess I am also anxious to see you. I have never taken care of a baby girl?! Through the years, I have learnt much to care well enough for your Kor Kors. I guess parenting a girl will be like parenting boys at some levels and drastically different at the same time?! What are your needs as a baby girl? Are they any different from boys? What would you like? Or dislike? How would you interact with your brothers? How should we bring you up so you can navigate this fast-moving world?

While you remain in mum’s womb, you must have heard some voices daily. The conversations, the screaming, the laughter…etc. Well, this is the family which you are part of. Let me do a quick introduction!

I’ll like you to know that your mum and I are pretty average parents. We are good at some things, but we do make mistakes, tons of them. We love spending time with each other, we play and sometimes we fight too. Your brothers are loads of fun! Mum loves music, which explains why you are hearing all those songs of diverse genres daily. She sings amazingly too!  Kor Elijah is a reader and a thinker. He had learnt to solve a Rubik’s cube at a rather fast speed. Ask him to teach you that! He is one of the kindest boys I have ever known. Don’t get me wrong, he can be quite disgusting too (you’ll find out why!). Kor Isaiah is the active one and he loves to draw. Look at the stacks and stacks of paper in the house and it’s impossible not to notice this fact. He loves to watch Mr Bean and he will intermittently laugh one of those contagious laughs to get everyone cracking up, all the while doing a headstand on the sofa! There are many other close extended family members and friends whom you will meet along the way. We will bring you up to speed soon!

I’m sure life will change for us when you finally arrive in a few weeks. In fact, our lives have already begun to change! Your mum and I will have even lesser time for other things, let alone the ‘alone’ times! We will be financially impacted. Our energies will be sapped. Times of frustration, conflicts, disagreements and a sense of loss of personal space in our parenting journey are almost a guarantee! All these lurks in our near future, accompanied by the challenges we will face as we continue to persevere through our efforts to live with Covid-19 (will tell you more!). The thing is, your mum and I have discovered this, if having a baby is all about us and our comfort, then it is reasonable to see all these challenges as unnecessary and inconvenient ends in themselves. In contrast, if we start to see the good and the sense of purpose amidst the childbearing and parenting challenges, we may begin to receive the right motivation, empowerment and most importantly love, which not only sustains us through the tough times but gives meaning to what we do as parents and being in a family.

So, having you remain the most beautiful thing we can ask for. With you joining our family, it has already done so much good to us and the people around us. The reality of your imminent arrival and, the very miracle of your existence, had brought us something we badly need (and I suspect many others also) during this time, Hope. Something tells me you will continue to be a blessing as you grow into the purpose for which you were created. I cannot wait to meet you and experience the rest of my life with you.

See you soon, little one.





December 22nd, 2021 at 6:56 pm    

Such a heartfelt sharing. Brought me to tears. Thank you Gideon for this meaningful and loving article shared from a father’s perspective. Will be looking forward to more family articles from you and your family. God bless.

Celeste Loh

December 21st, 2021 at 5:00 pm    

I can’t wait to meet you too… and all your cousins 💕 thank you for bringing the cheers we badly need. We love you so so much 😘 🙏

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