15 December 2021, by Chloe Teo

What happens during the fertility health check

By Chloe and Ben

Ben and I have been married for two years, and even though we have not started trying for a baby, we felt that it is essential to get a fertility health check so that we have a longer runway to plan. Whether the results are good or bad, at least we know what to expect or do, to take care of our fertility health.

A fertility health check has been on our checklist since we got married, so we immediately signed up for it when we saw it on ilovechildren.sg 😀

Let me share what we went through during our fertility health check:

First visit: (Hormone Blood Test and Semen Analysis)

We visited Thomson Fertility Centre (conveniently located in Paragon) where I did a hormone blood test. They took about two small vials of blood. Do note that the blood test appointment will need to be scheduled on Day 21 of your menstrual cycle.

The blood test sample is taken to analyse the following:

  • Progesterone level
  • TSH levels (thyroid reserves)
  • Vitamin D Levels
  • AMH levels (ovarian reserve/egg count)

And Ben did his semen analysis, for those who are curious, here is where the husbands produce their semen sample:


Ben felt that the room was pretty cosy and a safe zone where he didn’t feel awkward to be getting the sample for his semen analysis. He also felt that it was nothing to be ashamed about.

Do note that husbands will need to clear their semen 2 to 7 days before the test date and abstain from sex till after the semen analysis.

The semen sample is taken to analyse the following:

  • Sperm count (Concentration)
  • (Motility) How the sperm are moving
  • (Morphology) What the sperm looks like based on WHO medical standards.

Overall, it was a speedy first visit and we are pretty excited to find out our test results during our second visit.

Second visit: (Ultrasound Scan and Consultation)

We met Dr Janice Tung who did a pelvic ultrasound scan for me. The scan was surprisingly not painful or scary at all. Dr Janice was gentle and there was only a cold sensation from the gel applied and slight pressure during the scan. Pain level was zero to me! 😀

Through the pelvic ultrasound scan, I found out that I have a retroverted womb (Dr Janice explained that it is a natural variation and it is normal which should not interfere with our fertility attempts).

I also have mild Adenomyosis (where the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows into the muscular wall of the uterus, causing my painful period cramps)

Also, during the scan, your ovaries will be checked to see if there are any cysts present or if your fallopian tubes have any obstructions.

After which, Dr Janice went through our test results with both of us during the consultation where she shared several tips to help increase our chances of conceiving when we are ready to start a family.

I personally felt safe to ask questions about my body and get advice from Dr Janice. We appreciate her patience in explaining and addressing our queries. We have both learnt so much during our consultation with Dr Janice and hopefully can achieve success in our family planning journey next year *fingers crossed*

Thanks for such an insightful session, Dr Janice!

Going for the fertility health check has cleared my doubts on certain advice I’ve read online. We left the clinic with a game plan in mind. 😀

So we highly recommend all couples who are not pregnant yet (whether you are planning to try soon or in a few years) to get their fertility health check done!

As part of @ilovechildrensg’s Know your Fertility Wellness 2021 campaign, they’ve partnered with Thomson Fertility Centre to offer couples sponsored fertility health checks worth $400 to help them understand their fertility wellness!

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