20 August 2021, by Marian Nathan

Choosing Baby Essentials For Sensitive Skin

Having a baby may seem like you require a lot of equipment like, a stroller that folds up and open up easily, a bottle steriliser, a baby cot and a play yard. While it is good to be prepared, do consider the fact that your baby may prefer a baby carrier or you might decide to co-sleep with your baby. But what I do know is, your baby does not need a fancy baby gym.

What about baby essentials? For me, baby essentials are milk, diapers and wet wipes.

Having had four kids within 6 years meant there was always at least 2 young ones in diapers at any time. My two older boys are currently 7 and 5 years old, while my two younger girls are 3 and 1 years old, and my two girls are still rocking their diapers. My 3-year-old needs a diaper at night, while my 1-year-old is still in diapers throughout the day and will continue to be for quite some time.

My two boys never had any trouble with diapers or wet wipe brands, I just chose whichever was the most economical choice when I made my purchases, and depending on what was on sale at the moment, I went through many brands with them with no issues.

But with my girls it was another story, my older girl had sensitive skin, and had many painfully red diaper rashes. It was only when I started using Mamy Poko did her diaper rash eased off entirely, and from then on, I stuck with the brand throughout.

My youngest girl was born with Keratosis Pilaris, where unsightly dark and dry rough patches of skin plagued both her legs, all the way up to the diaper area. While diaper brands didn’t affect her, I had to suddenly pay attention to the way her skin was handled and what was applied to her skin. It was not enough to keep her skin moisturised, I had to find something that could help smoothen out the rash-like patches on her.

I brought her to a paediatrician and GP before being referred to the National Skin Centre, she was prescribed a cream that promoted skin renewal called Lanate. What I was especially grateful for was that I could purchase this cream off the shelf and not need a prescription when it runs out, which saves me time.

I also needed to pay attention to the wet wipes I used, which is why my choice is Evorie Premium Baby Wet Wipes. Apart from using purified water, what is important to me was that it was free of harmful chemicals and didn’t use any alcohol. Mothers always want what is best for their kids, and knowing that the wipes are mild and paraben-free soothes me. The thick soft wipes do not irritate her already-irritated skin.

Having kids that have both sensitive and non-sensitive skin has made me become more brand conscious and aware of ingredients in different products. All the kids now shower with paraben-free body and hair wash, because it just makes sense when it comes to the health of your children’s skin. I also refrain from using talcum powder on my kids, and separate their clothes from the adults’ clothes when doing laundry, and I also use different laundry detergents on my kids’ clothes.

What are some things you would consider before choosing a product for your baby/kid? Share it in the comment below!

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