12 August 2021, by Thia Zhixin

3 Months To The Big Day

Gerald has always wanted to do a babymoon overseas, but unfortunately, we had to scratch that idea due to the Covid-19 situation. If we could, we would have been in Japan during my 2nd trimester. But this is good too because we get to spend more time together at home, preparing the nursery as well as reading up on what to expect before and after the baby comes.

Updates on 2nd Trimester
It has been mentioned by mummies that the 2nd trimester is usually the “honeymoon period” of pregnancy because you are more relaxed as compared to the first trimester. But it has proven a little differently for me. I had mild insomnia as well as the extra trips to the toilet about 4-5 times every night, it is really quite a hindrance. Sometimes, these toilet trips could even be in an interval of 5 minutes from the last visit… I have been having leg cramps and rhinitis in the morning as well. I have had chronic rhinitis throughout my life, the symptoms are worse during pregnancy for me.

Gender Reveal Day

I took the NIPT test (also known as the Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) which will determine a few things like gender and genetic abnormalities. Through that test, we found out that we are going to have a baby girl! So baby shopping for girly stuff we went! Got a couple of frilly clothing and headbands too!


And in a blink of an eye, I’ve entered my 3rd trimester!

3rd Trimester updates
My body is going through a lot more changes as the baby is growing exponentially in my belly. I remember being able to see my toes last week while standing… But now, I can’t seem to see them anymore! Haha! I also find it a little more difficult to get up from the couch. Maybe because I’m petite in size, that my belly seems to look bigger.

Baby hasn’t been cooperative in our recent appointment and we couldn’t see a clear profile picture of her from the ultrasound too. (Gerald joked that she is an introvert like Mummy!)

We were actually a little worried because we thought she should be kicking by Week 18. However, the doctor said that usually for first-time mummies, it might take a little longer. Not sure how that relates, but our baby only started kicking after Week 22 and she tends to do so when I am eating or lying down at night haha! I’m not sure how to fully describe that feeling/experience. But it’s not painful or ticklish. It started out as flutters or like bubbles popping hence I was initially unsure. Am still trying to understand how magical it is that I have a baby growing in me 🙂

Have been taking the opportunity to be spoilt by my husband with all the food cravings that he’s so willing to get. Just the other day I was craving for waffles, yong tau foo, tutu kueh… and I had them all on the table the next few days. I never liked milk, but the pregnancy has forced me to drink it. And the idea of abstaining from my favourite sodas, bubble tea and coffee is making me irritable! Ok… more fruits and water for me for the next 3 months!


I’ve also been diligently applying A’kin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil daily on my tummy to prevent stretch marks. It does not feel oily and absorbs quite easily. Good that it has a stop dropper so it’s pretty easy to apply and doesn’t drip! Smells nice too!

I’ve also heard a lot of good reviews about rosehip oil, and some even shared that it helps with their acne. Perfect for use on scars and uneven skin tone as it contains antioxidants and is vitamin-rich to help protect the skin, prevent signs of ageing and helps reduce wrinkles.

Got recommended the A’kin Dry Shampoo which is going to be quite useful not only during the confinement period but also for everyday use, especially when I have bangs and it is not easy to maintain them in our humid weather and I perspire easily. Using it between washes helps absorb excess oil leaving hair instantly refreshed. It is suitable for all hair types, especially oily.

Good news for couples who are trying to conceive! Sign up for the I Love Children Parenthood Pledge and if you are the first 150 eligible couples to successfully conceive, you’ll receive a Pregnancy Confirmation Gift worth over S$110 which includes A’kin Rosehip Oil and Dry Shampoo among other gifts! Terms apply.

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