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Baby Teethers And Teething Tips

Teething is a process that not only frustrates parents but babies too – sadly! The good news is, you are not alone! Every parent will go through or have gone through the process.

How do you know if your baby is teething? Look for these signs*:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Crying and irritability
  • Restlessness due to gum discomfort
  • Biting
  • Random fussiness
  • Bringing hands to the mouth

*Some babies may experience fever and/or diarrhoea while they are teething, trust your parenting instinct, if the fever gets too high and the diarrhoea gets worse, bring your baby to the doctor.

While the above are common signs, remember that every child is different and starts teething at different ages.

If you’re getting worried about how to manage your baby’s teething, you’re at the right place. Stay calm as these parents share their methods of soothing their babies’ itching gums with teethers and additional tips.

Did you know, Bonjela can also be used to provide fast-acting, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort of teething? (You are welcome!)

Baby Eileen

Eileen’s first two teeth started growing at 3 months, she kept biting my finger and fussed quite a bit, so I decided to introduce the Pigeon Cooling Teether to her to ease the itchiness around her gums. This teether is made from soft material and filled with tested sterilised water, it is completely safe for babies and BPA Free. This teether can be found in Mothercare and NTUC. ~ Hui Lin, mummy of 7-month-old Eileen.

Nuby Chewies

I chanced upon Nuby Chewies at Kiddy Palace just when I noticed Funmi was putting her fist in her mouth at 3 months old, this teether is approved by orthodontic dentists, BPA free and it is sterilisation safe too.

What I like about this teether is its size, it is small and easy for little hands to hold, there are different textures and a mix of soft and hard parts (the mouth guard to prevent choking) for her to play around with her gum for different types of comfort and itch relief. Even now that she is 22 months old, she still enjoys using the teether. ~ Sam, mummy of 22-month-old Funmi.


Baby Kyler

Kyler is using a few different teethers since he was 4 months old. Some of these teethers are Nuby silicone teethe-eez, which has bristles that allow Bonjela gel to stay on, skip hop E&M Stay Cool teether that has a steel plate that can retain coldness longer and HDY banana silicone teether that can reach his molars. I bought these teethers on Shopee. ~ Owen, daddy of 15.5-month-old Kyler.


Baby Mikael

Evorie’s Dippy Duck is soft and easy for little fingers to hold, Mikael can rub his gums and practice his motor skills with this teether. My friend recommended this to me when Mikael started showing signs of teething at 6 months. I bought it through Evorie Official Store. ~ Melissa, mummy of 7-month-old Mikael.

Did you know, Gripe Water is used to relieve teething pain?

Useful teething tips from these parents 

  1. Frozen Knots on a handkerchief method by Sam: Sometimes I would use frozen knots on the handkerchief to soothe her teething. Take a clean handkerchief, tie knots at each corner, dip the knots in clean drinking water, put the handkerchief in a clean ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. When the knots are frozen, pass the handkerchief to your teething baby, the parts that are not frozen are for your baby to hold on to while gnawing on the frozen knots.
  2. Delicious cool watermelon by Owen: Freeze cut watermelon, thaw for 10mins before giving it to your baby. Not only is it a great relief for itchy gums, but it is also nutritious and delicious.
  3. Find a teether that works for your baby by Hui Lin: Every baby is different, and you may have to try a few different teethers until you find something that works for your baby. Reading other parents reviews can also help you find teethers that might work well for your baby.

What to look out for when purchasing teethers that are safe for your baby

  • Choking Hazards: Avoid teethers that break apart or comes with small parts.
  • Toxins: If you are getting liquid-filled teethers, make sure the liquid is safe and non-toxic.
  • Material: Get BPA free teethers


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