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Making Evorie Moment Special

Evorie has been known to create safe, quality, and easy to use products for mothers and babies. Their product ranges from milk bottles, breastmilk bags, baby wipes, teethers, sippy cups, water bottles and other accessories.

We gathered four mothers who’ve tried out Evorie’s breastmilk bags and milk bottles and, to share how they feel about the products.


Tried and tested: Evorie’s Breastmilk Storage Bags
All mums agreed it was thoughtful that each box came with a marker to record storage date and came with a pour spout for easy milk transfer before each feed. Let’s hear what else they have to say about the bags.


What do you like about these bags?

Sharmila: I like that they can hold a big capacity. It makes it easier to store the bags flat as more air is removed.

Ivy: It is BPA-free, compact and comes with a double-layered zip to prevent leaks.

Sarah: The bags are easy to use and seal tightly. But I have to fill the bags according to my baby’s intake. For instance, once I tear off the pour spout to pour out the milk, I can’t zip it back anymore to keep the balance.


Is the bag volume of 250ml enough for one pump session?

Sarah: Not for me, but, the volume is enough if I am packing the milk based on individual feeds.

Sharmila: It was adequate for me as I only express about 140-160ml per session. It may not be enough for higher yields given that we need to also factor in air space.


How was the sealing function of the bags?

Sarah: The sealing function is average as it takes two hands to seal it tightly.

Sharmila: Some of the bags didn’t seal well, especially when milk touches the zip lock and overflow. I had to dry the zip lock area before sealing it.


Would you recommend the bag to others? Why?

Sharmila: Yes, overall easy to use and fuss-free.

Ivy: Yes, because it is BPA-free, FDA approved and European Food Grade certified.

Sarah:  Yes, if you do not mind the smaller capacity and want a breastmilk bag that is perfect for travelling with your little one, and am happy that a marker is included in the box, it completes the whole breastmilk storing process.


Tried and tested: Evorie Tritan Wide-neck Baby Milk Feeding Bottle
All mums agreed the Tritan material made the bottles look like glass, therefore it looks clear and stain-free. They also liked that it is shatterproof, let’s hear what else that have to say about the bottles.


What do you like about the bottle?

Ivy: I like the soft teat as it mimics breastfeeding to avoid nipple confusion issues. The bottle always looks brand new, unlike other plastic milk bottles that lose their lustre after repeated washes.

Sarah: It is light and durable to withstand my baby’s constant dropping and throwing.

Noopura with her son, Lebron, 6 months old.

Noopura: I like how it looks, my baby enjoyed the bottle for the first day of use, unfortunately, he rejected the bottle on day 2 and became very fussy.


What’s the difference between Evorie’s milk bottles compared to the other brands you’ve tried?

Sarah: We tried Philips Avent and Tommee Tippee. The material of the bottles are different and Evorie bottles seem to be more durable than the rest. Other brand bottles turned yellowish after many times of sterilising but Evorie’s bottles remain the same condition after being sterilised.

Noopura: Previously, we used Pigeon’s yellow bottles, but I like Evorie’s bottles as it is transparent and clear.

Ivy: Pigeon’s bottle material is different. Evorie’s milk bottle has a glass-like appearance and shine.


Was it easy for your baby to get used to the milk bottle?

Sarah: Yes, she has been using it since birth and can suckle well without vomiting.

Sarah’s daughter, Elyssa, 8 months old.

Ivy: Yes, my baby didn’t reject it.


Would you recommend the milk bottles to others? Why?

Sarah: Yes, because they are durable, easy to use, shatterproof and lightweight, which is good when our little ones learn to hold their bottles.

Ivy: Yes, because the bottles are good quality and safe. They are also pretty affordable and we don’t need to worry about it breaking when it drops.

Ivy’s daughter, Sheau Ying, 4 months old.

Noopura: Yes, because every baby is different and it might be suitable for other babies. You never really know until you try it.

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