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10 Baby Diaper Brands (Pants) Reviews And How To Get Samples

The best way to try out different brands of diapers is to get samples or reach out to parenting groups on social media and asked parents living in your area to do an exchange (pass them 2 diapers in exchange for 2 of their baby’s diapers.)

In this entry, I am going to share my honest review* on 10 different pants diapers. I will also conduct an experiment to check the absorbency speed and estimated pee capacity (using tap water) of each diaper.

All diaper pants tested are in size L except for Merries, on point 9, which is in size M.

10 diapers 💸, an experiment for the greater good!

*Every baby’s sensitivity level is different, therefore, results may not necessarily be the same for everyone.

1. Drypers Drypantz

I used this on my oldest daughter, but truth be told, no two bums are alike! My second daughter’s bum started having rashes after a day of use.

What is good about this diaper is that it doesn’t leak, but the touch is a little rougher compared to the other brands that worked better on my second daughter.

But hey! There is no harm in trying their sample, get yours here.

Absorbency speed: 3/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.31 – $0.35
Estimated pee capacity: 300ml

2. MamyPoko Extra Dry Pants

This is currently one of mine and my daughter’s bum’s favourite, it is easily available online and is seldom out of stock during the sales period. I’ll buy a carton, once a month when our local iconic artiste starts singing the advertisement song for an online shopping platform. It is so catchy, my kids would sing along.

The absorption is good and keeps my daughter’s bum dry, one of my best choices for overnight usage.

Get your sample here.

Absorbency speed: 5/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.39 – $0.42
Estimated pee capacity: 450ml

3. Rascal + Friends

I have always loved their design, kind of like a Louis Vuitton bag, simple design but stamped all around the product. Like I have shared on my tape diaper review, I will say it again, I wouldn’t mind for my daughter to just wear a shirt or dress and expose the design of the diaper. #fashionstatement

This diaper works very well on my daughter and we’ve never had a leakage problem, the longest it lasted was approximately 11-hours, and let me say this, the diaper continued holding on strong.

The only downside about this brand is…it is always out of stock during sales! Maybe I am too slow at carting out, I need to exercise my thumbs before the start of each sale👍🏻

The first time I wanted to try a sample, I did an exchange with another parent.

Absorbency speed: 4/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.39 – $0.46
Estimated pee capacity: 400ml

4. Amico

Though Amico is thin, it’s absorption is pretty good! It keeps the pee within but, once it is full, the diaper will be sliding off my daughter’s hips, not the best option for my very active kid who loves drinking water. Lots of input = Lots of output 😂

But, I would say it is good for parents who prefer breathable diapers.

Get a sample here.

Absorbency speed: 5/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.41 – $0.61
Estimated pee capacity: 370ml

5. Beaba

This brand is known for its many cute and artistic designs, just Google the brand and you will know what I mean. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy this because it is expensive, the only time my willpower became weak, was when it advertised a “never again will you get this price!” sort of liner (somewhere close to this, I was blinded by promo), I mean, that made me panic and made an impulse purchase. It was ONLY $9.90 per pack!

After I made the purchase, feeling proud, I took a proper look, wow, it was for 22 pieces…I kid you not… that was $0.45 per piece on promo!

Ok, to be fair, the design was cute lah, I got the alligator design and it came in two different patterns, 11 pieces with an alligator tail as on the back (it is so cute when your kid uses it, he/she gets an alligator tail!) and another 11 pieces with the alligator’s face printed all over.

And this diaper is so soft, it doesn’t leak, and though it is not exactly thin, it is breathable. Now you know why it is expensive. 🤣

You can buy their samples here!

Absorbency speed: 5/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.56 – $0.81
Estimated pee capacity: 450ml

6. Bambo Nature

When I first touched the diaper, it does have a different feel compared to the other diapers I’ve listed in this review. But it could be because it’s eco-friendly, rest assured, it does feel soft.

Absorption is good and when I did a touch test on the soiled diaper, the surface feels dry, keeps my daughter’s bum dry. The waistband doesn’t feel “cottony soft” but it doesn’t irritate or cause abrasion to the skin, no complaints from my daughter who was running freely while in this diaper.

You can drop them a message on Facebook to request a sample.

Absorbency speed: 5/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.90 – $1.09
Estimated pee capacity: 480ml

7. Enblac Keep Friends

Similar to Amico, Enblanc absorbs moisture fast but once it gets heavy, it will slide down the hips. Thumbs up to the cute animal print that caught my daughter’s attention. She would point at it and said “MOUSE!” It’s either a squirrel or a chipmunk, but it’s ok, she got the critter category correct🤣

The perks about having a nephew in close age range with my daughter is… I get to try the diaper pants my nephew is using on my daughter! YAY!

Unfortunately, there are no samples for sale.

Absorbency speed: 4/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.34 – $0.43
Estimated pee capacity: 400ml

8. Nomieo

This diaper did not work for my daughter nor my little nephew, both of them developed very bad diaper rash after a day of use. My daughter had to use a fungal cream prescribed by the doctor, to recover from the bad rash.

Personally, after two different bum experiences, I am positive I wouldn’t be purchasing this diaper again. Good thing I got to try this on my daughter from my nephew’s diaper testing stash (heng ah, I didn’t have to buy).

If you are a risk-taker, and your kid has no issues with sensitive skin, you can give it a try by purchasing their sample pack on common online shopping platforms.

Absorbency speed: 1/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.30 – $0.32
Estimated pee capacity: 230ml (damp to touch)

9. Merries

What I like about this diaper is its softness. The absorbency speed was alright and the estimated pee capacity is relatively good.

Previously I did a review on their tape diapers and now I know why it didn’t hold explosive poo so well, it is probably due to the speed of absorption. The perks of having a toddler…SOLID POO 🤣!

Get a sample here.

Absorbency speed: 3/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.39 – $0.55
Estimated pee capacity: 360ml

10. nabizam Super Day Pants

Another brand we got to try thanks to my nephew, I would say this diaper is a little pricey based on the pee capacity it can hold, but nonetheless, the diaper is soft and gentle on bums.

There are no samples for sale, but you could probably get samples from other parents selling off unused diaper pants, do remember to check the condition and purchase only if you are comfortable.

Absorbency speed: 3/5
Estimated $/pc: $0.46 – $0.60
Estimated pee capacity: 290ml (damp to touch)

Also, I didn’t get to try the following brands, but you could request for their samples:

  • Huggies: Join their Huggies Club to get a sample.
  • Babioniq (by Bosomi): Fill in this form to get a sample.

  • Bosomi: Get a sample by filling in this form.



My conclusion is, not all kid’s bums are the same. So before you invest in bulk purchases, check out other parent’s reviews and whenever possible, try their samples for at least 2 days to see how your kid reacts to the diaper.

Check out where you can get the cheapest diapers in this Singapore Motherhood article! You can also like the diaper brand’s Facebook pages and check out when they have promotions. Buying in bulk usual is the best way to save money ☺️

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