11 June 2021, by Thia Zhixin

A Whole New World

There is a bao in the oven!

It’s going to be an exciting ride. Things are starting to get surreal because everything is moving by pretty fast? It felt like it was just last week when I peed on the stick and tried our very best not to tell anyone the good news, even to our closest friends. Of course, I managed to do that, but the hubby was too excited and told his closest buddies. And he has many close buddies. Oh well…

I’m currently 18 weeks in and have been very blessed not to have any morning sickness. For a while, I was quite worried as I thought it was the usual rite of passage. The first trimester was pretty much a breeze! But the abstinence from coffee got to me. Felt very lethargic, and could barely open my eyes on some days and hence just slept through lunch.

The idea of not being able to eat my favourite Japanese food (it’s a mixed reaction from the many articles I’ve read online. Some say it is ok to eat Japanese food, as long as you avoid sashimi, but others are saying you shouldn’t be eating Japanese food that’s being prepared in the same kitchen where they prepare raw sashimi) or being forced to eat well-done steak, didn’t bode well with my happiness index. Having a sweet tooth didn’t help at all! Haha! But I guess what kept me going is the fact that my husband has been very supportive, always asking me what I craved, or getting coffee for me but having me only drink half the cup just in case. The random treats like a surprise chocolate cake was really sweet (pun intended) too!

A couple of my friends have asked me if I’m excited, the short answer is yes. But it’s more of a nervous feeling than excitement. I believe no new parent will ever be ready for what’s to come. Even if you’ve got experience from previous pregnancies, every child is going to be different…right? Hence I guess I’m a little scared for the new phase of life I’m entering. But I guess it’s only natural and it is completely fine to feel that way! So just positive thoughts and lots of shopping to keep me excited for now!

So baby shopping is quite exhilarating! But more on that later! You won’t believe how crazy my husband is when it comes to baby essentials research. I’m pretty sure he has watched every video online on the different types/brands of strollers, so much so that he can give a lecture on it.

Husbands, if you are reading this, I would like to share with you what goes on in your wife’s mind during pregnancy. Aside from morning sickness, and random bouts of crankiness that we might be showing, we sometimes feel a sense of guilt too! Like, am I being too harsh that he’s gonna hate me for it. Or if I’m a lousy wife for not being as agile or mobile as before (oh recently just walking down to do a takeaway from a nearby coffeeshop felt like a marathon)? It’s really silly to think of these things… but if we do share with you how we feel, always reassure us. It’s our pregnancy brain acting and I guess we require a little more patience. My husband has been 190% supportive and that made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable.

We’re currently staying in a 5 room, it’s quite spacious, but having a new child would mean giving up 1 room. We discussed the possibility of having our baby sleep next to us in the first few months and maybe even up to a year. But, we finally decide to let the little one sleep in a dedicated room. This means either one of us giving up some of our things to make way for the nursery. This was a literal back and forth because it was either him giving up his shoes (yes he’s got a shoe display wall filled with his sneakers) or me giving up my gaming room. Long story short, I won, I felt a little sad for Gerald, but he managed to donate most of his shoes to his friends, and shifted some over to the storeroom.

Just barely 2 months into the pregnancy, my hubby got overly excited and had made multiple trips to baby stores, and according to him, it’s research to know more about what is needed and which brand is best. I’m not even halfway there, and he’s purchased the 10 essential items. I’m unsure if this is normal for most parents, but ok fine, I’ll just let him do what he wants, haha!

Ok so the 10 items that he’s very proud to say that he’s done a thorough research and has even gone as far as explaining to me the pros and cons of each brand/item and the reason behind buying it, are:

  • Stroller
  • Car Seat
  • Travel system for seamless connection from stroller to car (yes we got 2 types of seats, what ever for? I don’t know… but he says it is important)
  • Baby Carrier
  • Baby Cot
  • Changing pad
  • Baby rocker
  • Bodysuits
  • High chair
  • Baby bathtub
  • Swaddles and pillows
  • Baby monitor
  • At least 12 Jellycats now
  • Air purifier
  • Breast pump

I did say 10… but now that I’ve laid them out. I think he’s mad. And yes, he got me a breast pump.

But, I have to say, I am really fortunate to have a hands-on hubby. Sometimes it makes me smile to know that he wants to be very involved in the whole thing too! So ok, no complaints?

We’ve recently also changed the flooring for the nursery, put on new blinds to replace curtains and a really pretty wallpaper for the baby! Was very careful with gender-neutral colours cos we didn’t know the gender when we got the walls done up.

It’s all very exciting for both Gerald and me and I can’t wait to experience a whole new world with him. It’s going to be the final few months of us enjoying the “Just Us” couple life, cos we will be welcoming our little one in November!

Happy Father’s Day to my shopaholic hubby and here’s to a new happy journey together!


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