18 May 2021, by Patrina Tan

The Baby Journey

It’s not a secret that John and I have been trying for a baby since 2019. Our initial plan was to have a honeymoon period of 2 years after our wedding in Jan 2018. But after a year, I thought that we were ready and that’s when the journey of trying for a baby began.

Knowing that the cyst could be a cause of our disappointment, we tracked my ovulation and tried to time the right time to do the deed 1-2 days before the actual ovulation. We were told that it is most effective when the sperm reaches the egg before ovulation as sperm can last for up to 5 days. And I read that ovulation usually happens 14 days before your next menstrual cycle. But if your cycle is not regular, your ovulation shifts. So that was when my sister-in-law introduced ovulation kits to me. She bought me a whole bunch and told me to pee on it every day, 5 days after my menses.

The only problem was, this particular kit was quite confusing to read and most times, I was not ovulating.

And since I had my cyst removal surgery in Jan, I was told that I will be super fertile. But the stick read otherwise. Also, the parameter that I need to pee on is too narrow. But I am very grateful that my SIL introduced this to me though. Because I wouldn’t have thought of tracking my ovulation using an ovulation kit. Thanks Dajie! <3

Not long after, I Love Children announced their “Say YES to Parenthood” campaign. It is to encourage married couples who are currently not pregnant, to take the first step into parenthood. There are 2 parts to the gift when you first sign up, the first part is for Gift Pack 1: Pre-pregnancy Gift. And as timely as it is, I signed up and received a box of Clearblue ovulation kits in 10s and one Clearblue pregnancy kit. Let me tell you why you need to sign up, especially if you’re trying to conceive.

  1. It is free! I Love Children is trying to motivate couples to take the first step into parenthood. And just by signing up, you get the kits FOC. It would otherwise cost you close to $100! (Do note that this is limited to the first 300 eligible couples who’ve signed up, don’t wait, just sign up!)
  2. Ovulation kits are not cheap. Unlike pregnancy kits where you just need one or two to tell you the results. You will need a bunch of ovulation kits across 5 to 7 days. *Heart pain*.

The Clearblue ovulation kit is wayyyy clearer.

The Clearblue ovulation kit result is straightforward, if you’re not ovulating, you will see an empty circle. But if you are, you will see a smiley face. Talk about optimism. I find it very easy to use with the clear instructions given. Peeing parameter is wide! You will never know what I mean until you try it. Hahah!

Anyways, I am hoping to be one of the first 150 couples to be eligible for the Gift Pack 2: Pregnancy Confirmation Gift. Cos that would mean that I’m pregnant. Fingers crossed!

After the ovulation period, it is back to the waiting game. I am always asking John if it is time to pee on the pregnancy kit. I am very kancheong to find out if I’m pregnant. I have also tried the Clearblue pregnancy kit btw. 😀 I like how I don’t have to decipher the results because Clearblue makes it clear to you if you’re pregnant or not. I have been getting this result for a long time and I hope one day, this year, I can get to see something different than “Not Pregnant”.

I am very thankful for my friends and family who have been so supportive throughout these 2 years. Not many will understand the struggle of conceiving and the disappointment you face every month. I just want to say, it is okay to break down and feel crushed when you see others getting pregnant before you. Don’t give up and keep trying. All the best!

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