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9 Baby Diaper Brands (Tape) reviews and how to get samples

Is it a need or a want? Well…It is definitely a necessary need for this mummy!

6 out of 9 diapers tried on my daughter that I will be reviewing in this entry.

I salute any mums out there who use reusable diapers, because, I don’t think I could ever survive washing all those soiled diapers! (Sorry Mother Earth)

The best way to try out different brands of diapers is to get samples from the diaper brand company itself, some brands do not offer samples, but as a resourceful mum (pat on my back), I reached out to parenting groups on social media and asked parents living in my area to do an exchange (pass them 2 diapers in exchange for 2 of their baby’s diapers.)

Another soon-to-be-parents tip, but you’ll have to be a little thick-skinned for this…Dare to ask what you really need for Baby shower/first-month celebration gifts.

On my wishlist for my second daughter’s first-month celebration, I listed down practical needs, and I had to make sure my first-born (Ariel) didn’t feel left out.

And now, I will be sharing my honest review* on nine different tape diapers

*Every baby’s sensitivity level is different, therefore, results may not necessarily be the same for everyone.

Drypers Touch

Source: drypers.com.sg

I absolutely love this, it is soft to touch, and also because I prefer diapers with thick padding as I personally feel it is more leak proof than thinner feel diapers. This is just my personal preference. Another plus point, I love the patterns and colour design!

Get a sample here.


Drypers Wee Wee Dry

Source: drypers.com.sg

This is a slightly cheaper option compared to Drypers Touch. This worked really well on my first-born and was her main diaper while she was on tape diapers. Unfortunately, my second born’s bum started having rashes after 2 days of use, Drypers Touch worked a lot better for her (her bum has a pricer tag 🙄).

Get a sample here.



Source: Lazada.sg

It’s nice and soft but, the sizing is a little smaller than the rest of the diapers, it is best to buy a size up. Here is a photo comparing Genki!’s L sized tape diaper (middle) to two other L sized tape diapers (left and right).

I got a sample by exchanging my existing diapers with another parent



Source: peekapoo.com

What I like about this brand is, it was created by two local daddies! #supportlocal

Don’t be deceived by the thinness of this diaper, it is actually quite good with absorption (initially I was skeptical as I personally prefer thicker diaper padding). I usually try to change my daughter’s diaper every 4 to 5 hours during the day, so once, we were out and about and I realised that it was past 6-hours since her last diaper change! Thank goodness for rompers as her diaper was heavy with pee and the diaper was sliding off her hips 🤣 My point is…the pee did not leak! IMPRESSIVE.

I got a sample by exchanging it with another parent.



Source: amico.com.sg

I chanced upon this brand when a fellow parent friend of mine told me I could redeem a sample. #isthiswhatparentstalkaboutnow

I would say its quality is comparable to Pee-Ka-Poo diapers but it is on the slightly higher end of Pee-Ka-Poo’s price, no harm trying their sample! Who knows, your baby might like it!

Get a sample here.



Source: shopee.sg

Made from real cotton, which is good for many babies, but my daughter had discomfort wearing this diaper, she developed rashes after a 1-day use, but this diaper works very well on my baby nephew. Try out their sample before deciding if it works for your baby.

Get a sample by filling in this form.



Source: diapers.com.sg

I received a carton of this as a baby shower gift, but I only used half a pack because I got tired of cleaning pee and poo soaked clothes. Maybe the shape of my daughter’s bum was not made for this diaper? It seem to fit nicely, but less than 2 hours later, her clothes will be soaking wet.

I wouldn’t say don’t try this brand at all, but like all diapers, get a sample to try first or even purchase just 1 pack to try out before investing your money on the brand that works best for your baby.


Rascal + Friends

Source: facebook.com/rascalandfriendsSG

I love their design! The design screams my name! Ok I know I am overreacting but seriously, I wouldn’t mind for my daughter to just wear a shirt or dress and expose the design of the diaper. #fashionstatement

Putting design aside, the other thing I love about this diaper is, I can use this overnight with no worries of leakage. That is approximately 11-hours on this diaper. That’s one less task to worry about in the middle of the night!

I got a sample by exchanging it with another parent.



Source: kao.com/sg/merries

I would say Merries is good for pee but not very good with my daughter’s explosive, watery poop.

No photos to see the disaster of the poop mishap because…it was a mess beyond repair for my daughter’s clothes. Poop flowed out from its waistband 😱

Haha, I used to think her soiled romper is the price I paid for the sample. 🤣

Get a sample here.


Also, I didn’t get to try the following brands, but you could request for samples:

  • Huggies: Join their Huggies Club to get a sample.
  • Babioniq (by Bosomi): Fill in this form to get a sample.

  • MamyPoko: Get a sample here.
  • Bamboo Nature: Drop them a message on Facebook to request a sample.



Here is a summary of the tried and tested baby diapers (Tape). My conclusion is, not all baby’s bum-bums are the same, what worked on my first-born didn’t work for my second-born. So before you invest in cartons of one brand or type of diaper, remember to try their samples for at least 2 days to see how your baby reacts to the diaper.

Here are my ratings for the diapers I’ve tried on my baby.


Scroll left to view:

For your convenience, here is an image version of the table:

Check out where you can get the cheapest diapers in this Singapore Motherhood article! You can also like the diaper brand’s Facebook pages and check out when they have promotions. Buying in bulk usual is the best way to save money ☺️

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