5 November 2020, by Gideon Loh

About Gideon Loh

Gideon married his best friend, Sharon and together they are proud parents of 2 amazing children, Elijah and Isaiah! As a person, Gideon is quite the soldier at heart. Having served as a commando officer during his national service days, he readily appreciates and models values like Courage, Daring Initiative, and Discipline in his life’s endeavours.

When he is not pressed for time, he’d love a generous serving of coffee and good conversations with friends. Lesser known to others are his creative and artistic aspirations! He loves making music with his trusty guitar, directing a cinematic video of a family trip as well as making a jolly mess in the kitchen as he attempts to whip up Heston Blumenthal scrambled eggs. Work-wise, he was a banker for 12 years before transiting to pursue a personal calling.

Family time spans from an impromptu trip to the beach, an organised ‘mission’ to the zoo to an outdoor army cookout at their cosy home balcony. He treasures these activities with his family because he believes they are life’s little moments that create memories, that in turn fortify bonds and provide a constant source of love, peace and joy within the family and beyond.

Gideon sees himself as a regular guy on the street, one who gives his all to being a loving husband and an available father, one who believes that the world will be at its best when children know that they are deeply loved by their father.

Through his parenting and fathering journey, Gideon aspires to inspire before he expires!

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Posted on : November 5, 2020

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December 12th, 2020 at 1:16 am    

Hi Best Friend! I’m so glad you are doing this! You inspire me! Thank you for being ready and available for your family! We love you! 😘

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