23 September 2020, by Marian Nathan

About Marian Nathan

Marian is a loving mother to two boys and two girls. Having had her four children within a span of 6 years, she is no stranger to multi-tasking. In fact, when she graduated with her Degree in Psychology, she accepted the scroll whilst heavily pregnant with her third child. To think that when she just enrolled for her four-year course, she was still childless!

She hopes to inspire women on the joy of having a big family. Expect to read all about her adventures of motherhood in a house full of laughter and chaos. A bargain-hunter at heart, she loves finding and sharing different cost-saving hacks too. Raising children in Singapore doesn’t necessarily to be expensive.

When she is not busy running after her children, Marian enjoys writing and riding. Her love for the written word is only matched at her delight in all things two-wheeled. An avid motorcyclist, she shares her passion with her similarly-inclined husband, who is a class 2 rider as well. Having a shared interest helps keep the fire burning in a marriage, and this is her testament to it. They have been married for 10 years.

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Posted on : September 23, 2020

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