11 September 2020, by E-van and Terry

Our Pooping Journey


You’ve been warned: This entry will have pictures of poop!

Babies, especially newborns, are most known for poonamis, that’s because they only consume milk. You heard that right, the term is poo-nami. And very few diapers can contain them. These explosive (watery) poops will make any parents (experienced ones included) cower in fear.

Fortunately, we’ve got soap and this mantra “children are 100% washable” to live by…once we parents learn to accept the fate that poonamis (and the smell that comes with it) do happen… WE WILL SURVIVE! 😂

Here are two photos that reminded me of what I do not miss about (younger) Raphael:

Does it get better when baby starts on solids? I’ll leave it to you to decide😂

For Raphael’s first solid poo, I am assuming most babies go through the same ritual, the stage of “fright” where pooping isn’t as easy as just letting go anymore because, let’s face it, pooping requires effort from now on. I reckon that it is a very weird and somewhat daunting experience for a young baby as I got to witness Raphael’s face of shock when it was happening to him. He stared at me with wide-eyed wonder as if saying “what in the world is happening down there?!” One of my momma friends shared that their baby screamed when it was happening! Pretty sure like all humans, they got used to it thereafter and appreciate the relief once the 💩 job was done.

Along with the solidified poop, comes the great discovery of the body twists during the diaper change (of all times, why!!!). Imagine this… poop happens, time to change the diaper, once the tape comes undone, BODY TWIST! Poop smears itself on the changing mat. No pictures for this momma’s hands were too busy managing the situation!

Now that Raphael has started walking somewhat steadily, I hardly use wipes on him because he doesn’t like to be on his back for a diaper change. It is a tricky task trying to change a super wriggly baby.

Yep been there done that. Not pictured: the baby protesting in screams.

So we have moved on… levelled up to washing him down. I feel it’s like a whole other milestone for parents to achieve. The act of washing a poopy butt is definitely a parental achievement. If you’re lucky, there are only remnants of poop there. If you’re extra lucky, you get a chunk! Or a bonus, corn!!! 🤣

FYI, corn does not digest into poop. They come out as a full corn kernel when not chewed… Don’t these babies bite?! Raphael has seven teeth now. Wanna read know more? Here is a fun read Why Does Corn Come Out Whole in My Poop?

If you are not easily disgusted by the contents in a diaper, I would urge you to Google baby diaper changing images, there are way too many funny situations, it makes my day! (mommy cheap thrills) 😂

Honestly, I do dread whenever I catch Raph making his poop face because that means it’s time for some butt washing. Therefore I’ve gotten us a little potty and hopefully, it kick-starts the potty training. I look forward to this journey and hopefully, he will be able to tell us when he’s about to poop! I would really enjoy not spraying off so many poopy reusable diapers!

Side note, I think this baby recently find farts funny. He smiles when he farts, gets shocked a little when I fart, and then he smiles when he realises it was a fart.

It is a joy watching Raphael grow and comprehending things. We have also enrolled ourselves in a baby sign language class to learn to communicate with him better! I see it as learning sign language as a whole too, and that is a good skill to pick up! Can’t wait to share the baby sign language journey with you soon!

Thanks for reading this poopy entry 😆


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