28 July 2020, by Flora Isabelle

Maybe baby… again?

When I was previously pregnant with bubs… NOT pregnant, yet

I recently did a Ask Me Anything question-and-answer on Instagram and over 90% of the questions were about my plans for baby number 2.

It never ends, does it?

Before you get hitched, everyone asks when are you getting married. Then it’s when will you have a kid, and after you have one, it doesn’t stop there. Often questions about the next child (or children) will be gender-related too. In my case, would I be trying for a girl next?

Though I’m not sure how – without medical interference – could we predetermine the gender of an unconceived child? 🤔

To be honest, before I had bubs, I was sooooo bent on having just one child. This way, I would be able to devote all my time, money, and resources entirely to him. But now, after more than two years down the road, I’m starting to have thoughts about another. Mainly because of the COVID -19 situation which leaves us home alone has made me realise that he looks a little lonely sometimes playing alone.

I had actually been on the fence for quite a while. Prior to COVID-19, with bubs in pre-school and being more independent, I was starting to feel that I have some semblance of my old BC (before children) life back. I could put in longer hours at work, meet my girl friends for lunches and even weekday dinners and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to give up this luxury of freedom yet for sleepless nights, round the clock breastfeeding and having a baby attached at the hip 24-7.

Additionally, as some of you might know already, Bubs was a high-need baby and now a high-need toddler and it completely exhausts me on a daily basis. I often joke that having him is equivalent to parenting two or more children since he cries louder, plays harder, and throws much bigger tantrums than other kids. But the upside is that he laughs harder, loves more fiercely, and is sooo incredibly sweet, the rewards are immense.

And it’s because of these rewards, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time to try and double them. Also, I suppose siblings are truly the greatest gifts parents can give their children.

I would know – my sister is my greatest competitor, enemy, and best friend all rolled into one.

My baby sister and I – not always eye-to-eye, but always heart-to-heart

Though I’m also slightly worried that if the next one’s also high needs. But lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, right?

If you’ve been following my motherhood since years ago, you’d probably already know that I suffer from endometriosis and might be challenged in the fertility department. So it might take a while before Bubs gets a sibling, plus the hubs is going to be away for a couple of months due to work commitments, so well… wish us luck!

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August 17th, 2020 at 1:17 pm    

Hi, after reading this article of your that mentioned you have endometriosis. I have been battling with this condition on and off.

Trying to conceive for the past 11years 🙁

Could you share with me what was done that you managed to conceive with this condition?

Currently, I’m deciding if I should go for laparoscopy even though doc recommended IVF….


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