16 April 2020, by E-van and Terry

How to go green with baby and save money

How is our earth doing? Better than ever thanks to COVID-19! 🤭

Ok, let’s get back to a topic I feel quite strongly about, I want to share how I subconsciously save the Earth (and of course money!).

Thanks to technology, we can get access to information easily, and we are more aware of how we can play our part in conserving the environment. I’d share a little of how I do my part as a mum because we all know that wet wipes is the answer to everything 😂

Cloth Diapers
If you’ve followed my parenting journey, you would know that I’m using cloth diapers for Raphael as much as I can. A little update on it… I still do use disposable diapers at night, and maybe once a day every two or three weeks when it’s time for diaper laundry!

I do a pre-wash on soiled diapers and once the diapers are accumulated into a full load, I’d do a main hot wash cycle. That gets rid of all stinks and stains and fresh diaper laundry is extremely satisfying!

The best part about doing cloth diapers is, I don’t have to worry about not having enough diapers for Raphael!

Our beautiPOO stash

Bath Water
Every bath that Raphael takes in the tub is at least five milk cartons worth of water that gets drained away. So, we usually save the water for Terry to water the plants, we have quite a garden outside. (We use a teeny weeny amount of mild baby soap for Raphael’s bath, so don’t worry, our plants are still very alive! Not recommended for edible plants though.)

So that way, the water doesn’t go to waste, and the plants get to drink! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. 😉

Bagless Bins
I can’t remember when we decide on this, but we ditched plastic bags for our bins since the majority of our trash are dry. That way, we won’t waste plastic bags unless it is to hold wet waste. By doing so, we’ve unknowingly used less plastic bags!

Wet wipes (still working on this😅)
The amount of waste I accumulate during mealtime with Raphael is pretty insane. Especially with tissue papers and wet wipes. I am guilty of piling up a mountain of wet wipes in just one meal!

But I am taking it one step at a time, I believe every little step counts. And I encourage everyone to try to do their part especially now that we are all home! Try the reusable route! Bring your own containers for takeout and you don’t have to pay for takeaway boxes, bring reusable cups/tumblers for coffee (or bubble tea; an essential – I agree! 😝), bring your own grocery bag! Every small gesture leads to something bigger for the Earth.

Okay, now for a baby update!

Raphael has learned and understands the word Mama, which is heartwarming for me. When he needs me he calls out Mama and I will fly to him YES MAMA REPORTING FOR DUTY! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU SIR BABY SIR! 👮🏻

You know, sometimes, movies have a bad influence on our expectations of caring for a baby, on how “easy” and “all rainbows” those moments are. But when reality strikes, we realise, yup I live in the real world. Oops, I didn’t mean to make it sound so horrible.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great having a baby! But sometimes reality is far from the expectations… For example, I have to cook extra food for Raphael because he has mastered the skill of swinging and throwing things (like food) off. (Knowingly or not I have no idea.)

Here are some parenting expectations vs reality moments with Raphael:

Incident one: Mealtime
I pass him three carrot sticks hoping that he will eat at least two. During his meal, only one stick landed on the floor, so I thought “Yay! he ate two, just as I wanted him to.” (Carries Raphael out and spots 1½ of carrot sticks under his bum)…WHAT… he ate HALF?

But it’s okay because, before the age of one, food is merely for tasting. Milk is still their main source of food!

A regular meal every day with Raphael

Incident two: Naptime
Just when I thought Raphael’s afternoon nap would last for 2 hours (his longest nap of the day) so that I can clean the house, fold the laundry, get some things done… he wakes up 20 minutes later, very wide awake and happy. He is no longer interested in getting back to sleep… and the house is still in a mess.

Incident three: Diaper changing
I usually hand him three toys to distract and keep his hands busy while I change his diapers thinking “What could go wrong?” I was so wrong… it turns out, he is not interested in any of the toys. He just wants to flip and eat the (clean) wet wipes, and screeeeams when I try to hold him down! This tiny crocodile…

Incident four: Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding has been a wonderful experience for me. His first tooth has cut through recently, a tiny bit, but to a breastfeeding mother, it’s a whole different ball game.

If my breasts had a face, this would be its reaction:


Well, I hope you all are staying safe and healthy at home! I hope this blows over soon so we can all meet our friends and family!.

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