30 March 2020, by Johnathan Chua

About Johnathan Chua

John lucked out really young and met his life partner when he was 15. They started dating when they were both 18 years old and got married in 2018 after dating for 10 years.

John co-founded GRVTY Media, a creative agency and the media group behind digital media brands like Vulcan Post, Millennials of Singapore, Discover Singapore, and The Playbook. Otherwise, behind the scenes, John is one of the four anchors of a popular millennial talk show – Real Talk.

Having come to the conclusion that he is immensely blessed in life, John is on a mission to be the best possible version of himself and positively give back to those he can while finding time to run his business and creating memories with his family and his wife.

In his early adult life, he was blessed to be in the lives of a handful of the cutest babies in the world. Some of which became his godchildren. While he loves children, he was apprehensive about what he had to give up to have his own. To that, he doesn’t feel a void in the baby department.

However, John has recently found resolve in starting his own family unit when it hit him that his wife Patrina would be an amazing mother and he wasn’t going to let his own selfishness robbed a child of such a mother.

Thus, the journey has begun. The Chua family now seeks to create a spawn. Wish them luck!

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