21 March 2020, by E-van and Terry

Don’t push my BUTTONS!

I’ve met all sorts of people on the public train or bus after giving birth.

There are wonderful ones who go out of their way to make sure both baby and I are safe and comfortable and will go the extra mile like getting out of the lift and holding the lift door for us, and those who insist I take their seat when I have Raphael with me even if we were getting down at the next stop.

Those sweet gestures mean a lot to parents like me.

And then, there are another lot of people, who are not as nice…I am pretty sure many of us parents have come across the following…button-pushing…incidents…

For example, squeezing into a lift.

I mean…the nerve of some people!

This lift is for priority use for the wheelchair-bounded, elderly, pregnant and parents with strollers for safety purposes. If there is space after these people who really need to take the lift as entered, then it is fine for everyone else to enter.

I am not so garang (daring) like my fellow mom friend who said this to someone “Excuse me, but do you really need the lift?” I mean, I’ve thought of it, silently, in my mind. “Like HELLO!!! Do you expect me to be going down the escalator with a stroller in one hand and my baby in the other?” (Again, silently…in my mind…)

Another example…PUSHING to get into the train to rush for a seat.

One of the most unpleasant experiences I had, was with a man who went in headfirst, cutting in front of everyone else to get into the train so that he gets a seat. Maybe it happened too quickly, but well, no one stopped him.

The same man got off at my stop and waited for the lift with me. When it arrived, he went in first and stood right at the back. It was just him and us with a stroller. He did not even bother to hold the lift door open for us, as we had entered after him, the lift door closed in onto our stroller, with Raphael in it. I had to quickly stop the door with my leg…all this while the man witnessed the entire incident without a care! Not only did he NOT press the lift door open for us, he even expected me to press the lift button down! That incident really infuriated me. How selfish one person can be…

I told myself not to get angry over a stranger, someone I’ll probably never meet again. It’s not worth staying angry at a stranger. That said, I just hope more people can be courteous and aware of mothers who are alone with their babies, or even anyone else in need, if you help in any way you can, it will be greatly appreciated!

Now for a baby update!

Check out his handprint on his face, hahaha, the result of resting his cheeks on his hands for too long.

Raphael is full-on crawling now – didn’t take him long from his initial leopard crawl! He also loves to stand! When he is upset, all we have to do is just put him on his feet and he jumps for joy!

Let’s see if he can start cruising soon… I started walking when I was eight months old, so I am hopeful he is too.😄

Time really flies, we will be celebrating his first birthday in four months time. And we really do hope to make his first birthday a big one so that friends, relatives and ex-colleagues can see how cute he is (yes, I said it, I’m proud to have made a cute baby🤭).

Hopefully, the whole Covid-19 situation dials down nearing his birthday so we can proceed to have a big birthday bash! 

Stay healthy everyone and keep washing your hands! (Even without the virus ok😉)

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Posted on : March 21, 2020

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