28 February 2020, by Rachelyn Gordon

Are We Roommates Or Newlyweds?

Updates…we are six months…MARRIED!

Our journey has been pretty good so far. *Most* things have remained the same since our dating days and of course, some things have completely changed!

For instance…Valentine’s Day, here’s why:

N and I were never fans of Valentine’s Day. In fact, we both poopooed at the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day when we were younger (cough) and dating. We saw it as a frivolous expense and the yearly (and exorbitant!!) price increase of flowers and dinner validated our thinking.

Furthermore, as N and I used to say, “We see each other regularly and have date nights once or twice a week…why spend extra money just for the namesake of celebrating Valentine’s Day?”

I’ll still get flowers from N on other occasions; to celebrate my graduation or when I completed my first year as a teacher and so on. And special dinners were common as we are both foodies so neither one of us felt that we were missing out.

After marriage, we assumed that Valentine’s Day would simply pass us by as another regular day.

But, N started getting really busy at work, our regular Friday nights together for dinner and Netflix was affected to the point where we barely saw each other. In fact, it got so bad that we both started feeling like roommates rather than newlyweds. And as much as I wanted to throw a fit and demand for him to make a change, I realised that I was no better. I, too had my nose buried in work most of the time.

As a disclaimer, I am not sharing this with the intent to blame our jobs. It is simply a case of two newlyweds having to experience the juggling of new responsibilities at home and work.

So a few days before Valentine’s Day, I was sitting home alone (again…) and feeling sorry for ourselves when an advertisement for a poetry event caught my attention! It was scheduled to happen on 14th February. WHY THANK YOU VERY MUCH, UNIVERSE! I bought the tickets immediately while my thoughts were nagging at me “Oh god, Rachelyn, you are going to be so tired on Friday…are you sure you want to go?” and “What if HE is tired?”. I dismissed my (naggy) thoughts and texted N:

“Hello! Bought tickets to a poetry event this Friday. You are free…right? #datenight #havenotseenyourfaceinforever #comeoutwithme “

 N replied with many laughing emojis and a resounding “YESSSSSSS! Let’s go!!!”😁

Friday the 14th of February came around… I woke up feeling t.i.r.e.d.

I spent the whole day at work debating with myself over and over again on whether I should text N and ask if we could…maybe you know…postpone our plans and simply spend it at home.😞

After a few hours, I decided I was not going to cave into my fatigue. I went to the gym after work, hoping the exercise would give me a boost of adrenaline (it worked), went home, had a shower, changed and came face-to-face with this:

Thoughtful husband with germ busters, cake and a rose

(Valentine’s) Date Nights are now officially!

The night went much better than I had anticipated. We spent the night in the wonderful company of poets and most importantly, each other. The best part? We woke up feeling rejuvenated the next day.



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