21 February 2020, by Wendy Chew

Parenting Styles: Mum vs Dad

They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars…

That could explain why the parenting styles between me and my husband are very different. But one thing is for sure, both of us want the best for our daughter.

Different parenting Part 1

One such incident happened when we were out shopping and our daughter, Miss Wong, spotted some children walking by with balloons in their hands.

Since Miss Wong showed interest in the balloons, we decided to walk towards the fast-food restaurant, hoping to get a balloon from the person distributing them. But we couldn’t find the person, so the next step was obvious…

Miss Wong was pretty happy with both balloons 😂

Different parenting style Part 2

Most nights, I would sing bedtime songs to Miss Wong.

Here’s what happened when my husband took over one night…

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