17 January 2020, by E-van and Terry

Royal Tea Party @ Furama RiverFront

Last weekend, I had the honour of hosting a cute little event for I Love Children at Furama RiverFront Hotel.

There were 60 kids all decked in royalty worthy, prince and princesses’ costumes. No prize for guessing which princess had the girls most excited to dress up as 😉

Hint: They haven’t let it go 😂

There were many Prince Charmings as well, complete with sword and/or sceptre! The kids were all so adorable and like me, they were all looking forward to this event!

Very charming little princes

Presenting Queens Ice, Lemon and Tea!

Queens Ice, Lemon and Tea as the royal hosts

The three sisters gave a warm welcome to our distinguished guests and taught the fellow royals how to do a proper curtsey for the ladies, and a bow for the boys. It was something that was taken very seriously!

How NOT to do a curtsey 🤣

Next was a contest for the Best Dressed Royalty. The competition was stiff and the one winner gets to walk away with the grand prize, a staycation at Furama RiverFront Hotel worth $650!

To be worthy of winning this title, the princesses and princes had to display their curtseys and bows to our judges, along with their beautiful gowns and suits!

Check out this prince’s perfect bow! He is so adorable!

After careful consideration, the vote was unanimous. Our winner was Princess Deon Woo! Mum and dad must be so happy and I gotta say, that gown is gorgeous. I asked if I could borrow it and Deon was kind enough to say yes, but we both know this 30-year-old mother can’t possibly fit into it.

Congratulations Deon!

There was an activity for the little royals and their parents… We were initially looking for only two Most Creative Hats, but, since there were so many nice ones, the judges decided to give out three prizes to three winners!

One of the most creative hat winners!

Now what is a Royal Tea Party without the actual tea and sandwiches? Furama RiverFront Hotel had it all prepared for the little royals at The Waterfall Lounge, I have to say, the view was amazing! You can enjoy a hot cup of tea on their very comfortable seats while admiring the view of their Waterfall in the comfort of an air conditioned lounge!

Just checkout the gorgeous view behind Princess Kayla and Princess Klaire! 😍

And here is Princess Narissa and Prince Aarush enjoying their afternoon tea.

Queens Ice, Lemon and Tea also gave a few tips on how to hold a teacup – sans the pinky up! And did you know that the smaller the leaves, the stronger the taste of tea? I learned something new!

Here’s how NOT to drink your tea (keep your pinky down🤭)

And since it was Queen Ice’s birthday month, we invited all the little royals whose birthday was also in January, to come up on stage so that we could sing a birthday song for all of them. Furama RiverFront Hotel even had a cake and candle ready for each birthday girl and boy! I wished my birthday was in January…

Happy birthday January babies!

Finally, to round the event up, we headed back up to the ballroom for a delicious lunch buffet spread by Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant. The food was amazing. There was Beef Rendang, Curried Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Fish and Beef Stew! I took way too big a portion for myself, but was surprised I manage to swipe the plate clean!

After the event, the princes and princesses could enjoy the Carnival in Festive Furama, it is a free event that is open to the public till 26 January 2020. You can click here to find out more about the carnival!

Here’s a sneak peek of the carnival at #festivefurama

I had so much fun hosting for this event, and I am pretty sure all the kids had as much fun as I had. I hope there will be more events like this in the future so that Raphael can be part of it!

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