19 December 2019, by E-van and Terry

To Bangkok with baby

Since it’s Raphael’s first trip overseas, we chose a nearby location, somewhere that doesn’t require us to be in the plane for too long. So Bangkok it was!

We decided not to bring a stroller as we figured it wouldn’t be easy to maneuver around the streets of Bangkok, so he was always in a carrier.


Our Flight
It was so nerve wrecking to bring an infant onto the plane. The biggest worry for us was…

What if he cries throughout the journey?

We were afraid that the air pressure in the cabin might cause his ears to hurt. So I made sure he’s sucking on something or at least breastfed while we are ascending and descending.


I’m glad that the uncle seated beside us was patient and didn’t fuss when we had to leave our seats to change Raphael’s nappy, and that’s twice in two hours! Maybe the altitudes make Raphael extra poopy 😆 The morning flight to Bangkok was really manageable as Raphael is usually in a better mood in the morning.

But the flight back was a little more challenging because it was a little later than his bedtime. So there was some wailing, if you are planning to travel with your baby, it’s good to book the flight timing that suits your baby.

Our Accomodation
Well… I think we could’ve picked a better one because the rooms we had was not soundproof!


If we could hear the footsteps along the corridor, it also means that our neighbours could very well hear Raphael’s cries!😱

Maybe he wasn’t comfortable in a new environment or it could be his fourth month sleep regression that was causing him to wake up 8 (if I’m lucky) to 10 times at night, but it can usually be dealt with, with my erm… udders.😜

We did struggle and his crying probably woke some guests😥… but I didn’t feel so alone as we heard another baby crying in the hotel, I bet the baby’s parents sympathises with my predicament as I do for them.

Our Trip
It was really nice to see Raphael being curious of his surrounding. Always looking around as everything sounds and smells different compared to what he is used to back in Singapore.

But, travelling with a baby to Bangkok is very different compared to travelling as a couple.

For example, shopping and eating street food by the side of the road was avoided. I think we can do that when he’s older but right now I’d rather he be comfortable than stifle him with all the smoke and heat from the street vendors.

Oh how I wish we could eat the street food, but it’s okay, I’ll take this trip as a rehearsal.

And although we visited various newer malls, our hopes for accessible diaper changing rooms was dampened as most of the rooms were… not exactly clean, we chose to use the benches to change his diapers instead.


Also, when I go shopping with baby, I have to make sure that my top is breastfeeding friendly. Yes that’s my life now!

I would say this trip was not as easy as I thought it would be. It could be the fact that Raphael is still too young and because he can’t sit up by himself on a baby chair yet. Which means he’s more or less a big lump of accessory that needs constant attention. 😂

There are so many more countries Terry and I would love to bring Raphael, including some of our favourites like India and Vietnam! Hopefully he will able to use a baby chair by our next trip! And I can’t wait for us to all hike and backpack together.

Baby Update

  • At 4½ months, his little legs pack a punch, he is really good at aiming his powerful kicks on Papa. Just ask Terry how his chest is doing. Thank goodness it’s not at mine, otherwise it might decrease my milk production 😂
  • I know for sure that Raphael recognises me, he smiles ever so sweetly at me whenever he sees me. And that just melts my heart and makes me fall deeper in love with this little human.
  • He has started on his teething phase and has improved on his hand and eye coordination.
  • He can also successfully roll over by himself!

I have yet to master the art of putting him to bed successfully for his naps so if anyone out there has tips on it, help a Mama out!

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