9 December 2019, by Cheryl Wee

Wee’s Christmas – Then and Now

Did you look forward to Orchard Road’s Christmas Light Up every year as a kid?

What about the extravagant candylicious decorations on Centrepoint, the “snow” outside Tanglin Mall, and all the toys in the departmental stores you could ever dream of?

As kids, Christmas and all its magic were a huge deal for me and my sister, Rachel. I remember vividly, Papa driving us in his red open-top car down Orchard Road to view the Christmas Lights, and we would stop near Centrepoint to take pictures.

Mama would take time off work to bring us Christmas shopping in Toy ‘R’ US at Forum, we would pick out presents for our cousins, children we knew and for ourselves. And because we could each choose only one present every year, we did our planning weeks ahead by watching the adverts on TV to do our “market research”, by taking down notes of the toy we wanted.

Till today, Christmas is a festivity that we look forward to. My parents and our family put in a lot of effort to make every Christmas special. From putting up the Christmas tree, to the decorations, Christmas food preparations with mama, and all the nitty-gritty to create a homely and heartwarming atmosphere at home.

Christmas Foodie

Last year, my parents and Mama’s younger sister, Aunty Dawn, bought a choo-choo train set to add to our table display as it was Marc’s first Christmas.

Christmas' Decor at Cheryl's HomeMarc's First Christmas

And this year Mama has already gotten a head start on decorations, she is planning to do a “It’s a small world” themed party as it’s Emma’s first Christmas.

Gifting is a huge part of our Christmas, besides gifting our family and friends, Mama and Papa also focused on gifting kids who are less fortunate. As a parent now, I really value this virtue that my parents have imparted on us, that sharing and giving is a blessing and a joy. And the biggest Christmas gift they can give us is the joy of sharing. As mentioned earlier, we could only each have one present, so Rachel, my two cousins Xin Yun and Xin Hua and I, had to “work” together to choose gifts that complemented each other so that we could share our gifts and play together!

And the greatest gift my family has given us, is the gift of precious memories from all the things we’ve experienced, from the light up car rides, the toy store shopping excitement and the Christmas preparation efforts at home because these are the things that matter.

Now, even as a mom of two, my parents and Aunty Dawn are still very much involved and hands-on about creating a magical Christmas at home for us and the little ones, Marc and Emma. For which I’m grateful for, because it does take a village to raise a kid, and our village is a fun-loving one!

The virtues that have have been indirectly imparted onto us, through my parents’ and aunts’ actions, have set an example on how we’d want to raise our kids and introduce Christmas and the festivities to them. To show them the meaning of what our Christmas really is, it’s the love we spread, the family coming together, the memories we make and the laughter we share that makes Christmas warm and fuzzy.

This year and every year forth, I look forward to building new memories with our own little family. Here is my heartiest wishes to you and your family, may you experience this magical Christmas love, and may it be a memorable one for you.

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