28 November 2019, by Adeline Ang

About Adeline Ang

In my previous vocation, literary devices and all things English form the foundation of my day-to-day operations. Even though I am out of it now, I am still an alliterated ball of contradictions.

I was happily single when I reconnected with an old classmate who was back in Singapore for a sabbatical in 2018. He had been living and working abroad for the last decade or so. We hit it off and tied the knot in 2019. I have taken a leave of absence from work and relocated to Johannesburg (Jo’burg), South Africa where my husband, W, is for a season.

We would be heading to the United Kingdom in 2020 for another sabbatical, and hopefully try for a baby then.

Watch this space as I reflect on the transitions that have taken place, unravelling convoluted thoughts in between my travels in the African continent and whilst grappling with water struggles, among other more intense struggles.

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Posted on : November 28, 2019

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