25 November 2019, by Charlie Goh

What It Was Like Living With Grandma As A Married Man

Looking back, time really flies. Its been 5 months since I moved out of my grandma’s house to living alone with my wife.

Before this, right after getting married, my wife and I moved in to live with my grandma for almost 2 years. It was only after moving out that I realised how much I’ve depended on my parents and grandma for the past 30 years! I never had to do any housework, the max I did was probably make my own bed and wash the dishes (hahaha its terrible I know). I arrive home after work to a clean house with clean and IRONED clothes. I didn’t know ironing clothes was such a chore. In fact, out of all the chores, ironing clothes is the worst for me.Like the saying goes, “you never miss the water until the well runs dry“.

But, does anyone actually find doing household chores (or even ironing clothes) fun or therapeutic? I came across some friends who found mopping the floor… therapeutic… I am not kidding! So let me know in the comments below if any of you think the same, or if you really enjoy ironing clothes maybe you can come over and iron mine. HAHAHAHAHA just kidding!!

Ok, coming back to my grandma, she was one of the primary reasons why I decided to tie the knot and settle down (besides, she is getting old and really wanted to see me married). And if some of you were wondering why I chose to move in with my grandma after marriage, here are two reasons why:

  1. She always wanted me to live with her as I spent most of my childhood with her. And I also thought it would be good to be there so she wouldn’t get bored and at least there is someone to accompany and watch over her.
  2. It was more convenient for me and my wife to get to work from grandma’s compared to my parent’s place.

Of course life is no bed of roses, so is living with my grandma. There is bound to be some friction and disagreement.

For instance, there was this incident which I remember fighting with my grandma over. Remember I mentioned that she was doing most of the housework? And I thought of lightening her load by getting a weekend maid to do the household chores. But she got so upset with the maid and me that we had a row over it. That was the last time I engaged the maid. Well… thankfully, my wife and my grandma got along quite well in those 2 years we lived with her (which I am very happy about as I would think it is never easy living with in-laws or grandparent-in-laws).

That being said, I do miss my grandma. I would go back and visit her from time to time, especially when I have off days. Though my grandma is still very healthy and independent at age 92, I need to remind myself to be grateful that she is still around for me to show my appreciation to. Some who wish to do the same may not be as lucky as me.

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October 12th, 2022 at 12:29 am    

Thanks for your sharing. Good reminder of our loved ones especially our parents.

You acted as Joe in This Land is Mine! Great performance 😀

Leong eugenie

December 1st, 2019 at 10:28 am    

Cherish yr grandma while u can. As old people tend to forget u who u are,forgot yr name when they grow old.

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