18 November 2019, by E-van and Terry

My dad will not carry my son

Yes, my dad will not carry my son…not until he is at least six months old.

It tickles me that even though my dad is a father to five children and a grandfather to two, cannot carry a baby until they are at least six months old.

But he is very comfortable with smelling their heads and playing with them. Just don’t make him carry them for he does not dare too!


My mum on the other hand, can’t get her hands off Raphael. Especially when he cries, she will be the one who bolts towards him to soothe him. Raphael is also very comfortable lying on her shoulder where he hardly fails to fall asleep on.

My mum also complains that Raphael is not used to being at Grandma’s so he needs to visit more often! So my reply to her is “Aiyah you want to see him more just say lah“🤭 which she would smile in response to my reply.

And who doesn’t enjoy a baby’s laughter? Terry’s dad, Raphael’s Yeye, has a special way of making Raphael laugh. Who knew that his Yeye had so many sound effects up his sleeves! Even Terry seem to get a bit jealous at how much the baby laughs at Yeye’s sound effects.

Raphael and Yeye

Raphael is now 3.5 months old and he loves attention and cuddles. Thankfully he gets a lot of it when he is at his grandparent’s place. Everyone wants a piece of him which gives me the much needed baby-free time (which mum doesn’t need this right?). This also means I get to have full meals with both hands when they are around. I really appreciate this gesture from our parents, it may seem small to them, but it means a lot to me🥰

It’s amazing watching our baby grow, just today, I realised he can lift his head up high during tummy time. From a frail little thing three months ago, this is major!

It also makes me think, was my parents as excited when they saw their children hitting each milestone? I’m pretty sure they were proud parents even with a little achievement from their babies.

Parenting can be mentally and physically exhausting but rewarding. When you see the little smiles and milestones the little one goes through, it makes it all worth it.

It’s a team effort between baby and you, getting to know each other and getting used to each other. Of course it’s not easy arguing with an infant because, let’s face it, they always win (ALWAYS! For now…).

But, it’s definitely going to be an adventurous world of wonder and learning with a tiny best friend, who currently needs your constant head to toe care. From his ear wax, to his mucus, to the dirt found in his folds… Yay parenthood!

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