31 October 2019, by Flora Isabelle

Our weekend staycation at Furama RiverFront

I loveeee my staycations even before I became a mother and even more so after I became one. I mean, all the fun of a holiday without having to deal with the stress of a child and the associated unpredictability of plane rides? Plus, the unnecessary stress of having to pack… I like the safety blanket of doing a staycation right here in Singapore knowing that if you reallllyyy need something, home is just a few minutes away. (Though I usually try to minimise the inconvenience these days with children-friendly hotels…)

Photo 19-10-19, 1 01 30 PM (1)

One such stay recently was at Furama RiverFront Hotel!

If you noticed the underwater motif on the wall behind us, good spot! Guests can enjoy a whimsical adventure in the Theme Room at the hotel, with 4 different themes available.

Photo 19-10-19, 11 36 13 AM

We first had lunch at Mohamed Sultan before checking in! I love how the hotel is nestled between cultural Chinatown, heritage Tiong Bahru and the entertainment areas of Robertson Quay!

Photo 19-10-19, 12 33 46 PM

Checking in! The hotel lobby is up for a major transformation – they are gravitating towards a social hub with self check-in kiosk, co-working table and more!

Photo 19-10-19, 12 33 39 PM

Somebody’s very pleased with his cup of orange juice – well, it’s a holiday after all.

Pictures of the room!

Photo 19-10-19, 12 52 38 PM Photo 19-10-19, 12 52 34 PM Photo 19-10-19, 12 44 21 PM Photo 19-10-19, 12 44 10 PM Photo 19-10-19, 12 44 01 PM

Photo 19-10-19, 12 43 49 PM

Photo 19-10-19, 12 43 37 PM

The family room which accommodates up to two adults and two kids comes equipped with kids-friendly amenities and furniture including a bunk bed (single and queen) and a pull-out bed and little step-stool. There is also an Xbox console and other toys that Nate happily grabbed as soon as we arrived.

He then proceeded to have fun running all over the room, climbing the ladder up and down profusely haha. You can see my Instagram Stories at @floraisabelle of him being a monkey basically hahah.

After his nap, it was even more play time!

Photo 19-10-19, 5 54 09 PM

Waka Waka is a Safari-themed indoor playground located at Annex@Furama, for children from 9 months to 14 years old. (Your child gets a 1 hour free play when you book a theme room stay)

Photo 19-10-19, 5 54 23 PM Photo 19-10-19, 5 10 24 PM Photo 19-10-19, 5 10 06 PM

It’s not our first time here and Nate typically enjoys going through the huge maze, going up and down the slides multiple times and doing everything children do to expend their limitless energy.

Waka Waka’s zoned into the Safari Play Area, Adventure Cove and Toddler Area where Nate strangely had the most fun!

Photo 19-10-19, 5 21 11 PM Photo 19-10-19, 5 37 44 PM

Perfect for little ones who are below 90cm, this toddler-area is the ideal play zone for young ones who are looking to explore in a fun-sized environment! You can find Cassia sand pits, sensory play areas, and a mini slide here.

There is also a cafe aptly named The Lion’s Den where I happily found myself a seat to chill and have a cuppa while I got the husband to climb around with Nate hahaha.

Dinner wise, we had a tough time choosing between the hotel’s Square restaurant which serves a sumptuous international buffet or Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant (comes complimentary with a stay in their theme room).

We ended up at the latter because the husband has heard raving reviews of the food here and wow, it certainly didn’t disappoint! For a moment, I felt like I was transported back to Bali and enjoying the wide array of curries, grills and the best mee bakso of my life.

Photo 19-10-19, 7 13 16 PM Photo 19-10-19, 7 12 27 PM

The dessert spread was amazing too!!!! I need to go back someday!

Then we called it a night after letting Nate explore around the hotel, he particularly LOVED the 20ft waterfall set amidst a natural forest reserve. We spent a good 20 minutes there just admiring the view beneath the stars.

I guess it must have been a really fun day for him because the next morning, he didn’t wake up until 10am (!!!) which resulted in us missing breakfast haha. I actually had plans to check out the outdoor swimming pool and maybe have a water fight with their pool toys or have fun at Furama RiverFront’s own indoor children’s playroom, PAWS but I suppose, this warrants another stay sometime soon 😉

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