26 August 2019, by Charlie Goh

Are we ready to be parents?

Yo guys!

The last time I blogged was back in 2006 when I was still in poly and blogging was HUGE back then. If y’all are from my generation, you would probably remember Xiaxue, Kay Kay, etc. Talk about nostalgia, hahahaha!

Anyway, back then, marriage never crossed my mind. Now, it’s been almost 2 years since Pearlene and I got married (30th Sept is our anniversary).

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And I’m sure you know the first question our relatives will ask us as a newly married couple EVERY CNY… “Where is the ang bao??”

Who am I kidding! First question will ALWAYS be, “When are you going to be a father?”

Ok, so to answer some burning questions y’all may have…

  1. Are we ready to be parents? I think we would never really be ready for parenthood but when the time comes, you will find a way to be ready.
  2. Are we working on it? Hmm… I would say we are not actively trying but we are not preventing it either. At the moment, we are placing our trust in God’s timing.
  3. Have we consulted a doctor? My wife saw a gynaecologist not too long ago. According to the doctor, there is nothing serious, only her TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels are a bit on the high side so she has to be on medication.

Now, for some of you, this is going to be your next question – Have we tried TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)?

To be very honest, I’ve never used to believe in TCM.

I was brought up to believe that western medicine works the best. However, when I sprained my wrist in a football match (don’t judge, LOL!) last year, my friend advised me to consult a TCM doctor.

I was very skeptical at first but it was so unbearable (the pain had travelled from my wrist to the back of my shoulders) that I decided to give it a shot. Long story short, after the TCM session, I felt an instant relief on my arm and I was very much convinced that TCM is not just a myth.

I’ve also recently attended I Love Children’s event at Compass One as a guest judge for their ILC Little STARS contest and I had the opportunity to ask a TCM practitioner, Physician Chen Fang some questions regarding fertility.

She mentioned that there are actually many factors that can affect fertility. One of the obvious factors would be your body condition. Being obese or being too skinny doesn’t help. So what they would do is prescribe some herbs or tonic to help improve the condition and health of the person.

Psychological factors such as stress also play a big part. I have friends telling me not to think too much about it, because the more you want to get pregnant, the more it won’t happen. Because you are subconsciously stressing yourself and/or your partner out.

So, according to my friends, the best advice they have for couples trying for a baby is to go on a holiday, not think too much about anything and let nature take its course. I have heard this piece of advice from soooooo many people so it has to be legit to some extent right? Hahahaha!

Well, Pearlene and I have been married for almost 2 years, we have been on a couple of holidays but still no news yet…

Then again, I haven’t gone for a fertility health check yet so maybe, just MAYBE, the problem lies with me (HAHAHAHA CHOY, touch wood!).

So, for those couples who are trying, keep going! If you’ve been trying for a year or more, there’s no harm in consulting a gynae or TCM physician too.

Also, if you have some secret techniques to conceiving that I am not aware of, let me know in the comments below! Or if you have an inspiring story of how you started a family, please feel free to share too!


Charlie Goh

Charlie Goh

September 14th, 2019 at 1:03 am    

Hey Lynette!

Thanks for sharing your journey, its very encouraging. Will pay more attention to the ovulation cycle and work harder! 😀


September 1st, 2019 at 12:38 am    

Hi! Happy to read that you are embarking on your journey for family planning 🙂

Most couples do succeed in conceiving after actively trying some time e.g. 1 year, because it takes some time for the ladies to track their fertile periods to estimating when they are ovulating.

My gynae used to encourage sexual intercourse every other day from day 10 of the first day of menstrual period all the way until after ovulation . Can try this first if you have not.

I myself took more than 2 years to conceive and only succeeded with assisted means (assisted with medications). All my workup was normal so my situation was kind of labelled as unexplained subfertility. Yup so if have tried actively for more than 1 year, definitely see a gynae for more thorough workup. Good luck!! Yes and trust in God’s timing!

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