19 June 2019, by E-van and Terry

I have Pregnancy Diabetes

A piece of not so sweet news: I have gestational diabetes.

I’ve heard it’s not uncommon and many women get it during pregnancy. But I for one was confident I wouldn’t get it because I’ve never been a sugary sweet lovin’ person.

Although I do indulge in the occasional dessert after dinner, I don’t eat candies or drink sweet drinks. So it was quite a shock when I got the call about my results.

There were three tests all pregnant women have to take at 5 months pregnant – I passed two and failed ever so slightly on the last one.

But apparently as long as you fail one of the tests, you’d be advised by your doctor to go for a Gestational Diabetes (GD) programme. The doctor told me I would be able to get one day of Hospital Leave for this programme and asked if I was keen. One day of HL? Sign me up! 😁

In all seriousness, I was in shock and was disappointed with myself when I received my results. How could I have allowed this to happen? Why did I give in to my cravings for those decadent (and delicious) guilty pleasures?

I was beating myself up over it but luckily the nurse reassured me that gestational diabetes is different from normal diabetes, due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy which caused the body to break down sugar differently.

If you keep it under control, you’ll be fine. On the other hand, if the mummy doesn’t watch her sugar intake even after being diagnosed, the gestational diabetes will be passed on to the baby who will be born diabetic and the mum will be permanently diabetic for the rest of her life. Yikes!

So a week later, I was back at the hospital for the GD programme. The hospital nurses took a blood test for us at the start and thereafter we were taught to take our own blood throughout the day.

We were also taught how to keep our sugar intake under control by making healthier food choices. For example, switching from white bread to wholemeal bread and biscuits, opting for low fat milk and Greek yoghurt, and choosing the reduced or no sugar options for soya milk.

And while we are on the topic of food, all three meals and some snacks were provided during the one day programme and here’s a sneak peek of some of the food we ate. We got to choose between Chinese, Indian and Malay food and I chose all! Hahaha!




So that’s that. I have been really cautious of my sugar intake now and, twice every week, I have to take my own blood seven times a day. Yes, I have to prick myself and record my sugar level. Seven. Times. It’s no fun at all.

GD aside, I’ve been feeling pretty ok. My heartburn has definitely become more frequent and the swelling in my hands and ankles have reached an all-time high.

It’s all still manageable as I have already gotten used to not feeling any sensation in my fingers since three months ago – so in a way, I found the good in a not so positive situation!

Terry and I also took up an antenatal class and learned a lot. Such as how to handle a crying baby, doing the perfect swaddle as well as debunking certain myths about pregnancy and postpartum.

It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot of things that I feel we would not be able to learn anywhere else, so I’ll definitely recommend first-time parents to attend the antenatal course at their preferred hospital.




During our class, husbands had to learn how to massage their wives to relieve lower back pain as well as massage their wives’ hands. Terry has been really supportive as a husband and soon-to-be dad.

He’s been taking care of most of the chores at home, preparing dinners and is actively reading bedtime stories to our little bean. The little one gets really excited every time he hears his dad’s voice because he will start to wriggle and kick in acknowledgement.

So when is baby arriving? Well… If our little bean cooperates, we are expecting him to arrive…on National Day (my due date)! 🇸🇬

And here’s my Bump photo of the month. Only eight weeks away to Singapore’s birthday, only eight weeks away to pop!


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