4 June 2019, by Wendy Chew

About Wendy Chew

Hello! I’m Wendy Chew, I’m an artist who enjoys drawing pinup girls and cute stuffs.

I got married on 11 February 2011 to my husband Ven who happens to be a comic artist too! Since then, I’ve been documenting our life journey.

Initially, my dream was to be a Cat Mom, Ven and I never thought of having a child until we discovered that I was pregnant in December 2016. It was an experience that had to be documented, so that’s when I started documenting my pregnancy journey.

And since the birth of our daughter, Miss Wong on 23 August 2017, I’ve been documenting life as a parent. She has been our joy especially now that she’s learning to speak, it has become an inspiration for my comics!

I hope you enjoy my family’s journey (with our two cats) through my comics which can also be found on my Instagram page Motherchew.

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