21 May 2019, by Nicholas Quek

Mother’s Day is just an ordinary day

Mother’s Day in my family, honestly, don’t look much different from any other day.

We’d say we are celebrating our mum but really, it doesn’t pan out any differently from our regular family dinners. It’s pretty hilarious actually; we’d tell our mum to choose where to eat, but she’ll almost always let us choose anyway. Sometimes we’ll have a cake, most of which ends up being eaten by us children anyway. And then we will return home to the regular routine of family life.

Mother’s Day is really just another day in my family.

So in the spirit of celebrating ‘just another day’, here are some ordinary, everyday ways my mother shows her love for my family (specifically me):

1. Buying food for me

There’s never a moment where I’m not hungry. My mother knows this well. So whenever she’s out, be it with her friends, fetching my siblings, or just doing some shopping – if she knows I’m home, she’ll always call to ask if I needed anything to eat, even without me asking or prompting.

2. Quietly cleaning up after meals

If I cleaned up after my siblings, I never let them hear the end of it. Even weeks after the event, I’ll bring it up mid-conversation, using it as a source of infinite ammunition to extract all sorts of favours from them. My mum is not like that. Often she’s the first one to leave the table, heading quietly to the kitchen to start cleaning up after our meals.

3. Trusting me with my studies

I’ve always been a science student; since Primary School, my academic path was clear: PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics). But my interests changed as I got older. The first time I told my mother I wanted to take higher level Literature in JC, she had a mild breakdown…and another one when I told her I wanted to major in History in university.

Yet she’s been incredibly gracious as I continued with my new education path, never raising past arguments or discussions and trusting me to manage my own academics. We’ve had discussions on future employability, getting internships, etc., but she’s always let me take the rein on my own studies – allowing me to pursue my passions wholeheartedly. I do not know of many mothers who are willing to let their children decide their own paths or trusting them to make wise decisions.

my mother done with us as per usual

My mother done with us, as usual

So although I’m not the wisest person around, the only reason why I’m confident in what I’m studying is really because I know I have my parents’ support. Knowing that I have my parents’ utmost trust drives me to want to help them as much as possible and become the successful person they see in me.

So here’s to the ordinary, mundane ways mothers love their families. Perhaps I’ll find ways to love my mother in the everyday as well because that’s what Mother’s Day is about – an ordinary day…filled with everyday love.

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