13 May 2019, by E-van and Terry

What A Boring Pregnancy…

26 weeks into my pregnancy and I’ll be honest with you…

It hasn’t dawned on me yet that I will have a little one to take care of very soon. My bulging belly has been a constant reminder for me to start being selfless. Or rather, I would be in that state in three months’ time whether I want to or not!

I am excited to be a mum and to psych myself up and prepare myself for baby’s arrival, maybe I can share some excitement I have during the pregnancy… SHOPPING for baby! You know what they say, happy mummy happy baby 😉

My First Purchase
Can you guess what’s the first thing I bought for the baby? Well, the answer is… Cloth Diapers! Yes, I bought 20 of them in total!

The biggest reason I want to do cloth diapering for the baby is really because of saving the planet. I don’t do enough to reduce my carbon footprint but I hope this makes up for it… and also, in the long run, it saves you tons of money.

Think about it, if you go through about 8 diapers a day, that’s about 2,920 diapers a year and at $0.20 per piece, it would set you back $584 a year. Think about the things you can do with the savings, maybe even plan a short trip overseas! Also, disposable diapers takes about 500 years to decompose, that’s not very eco-friendly

I know being a new mum is going to be exhausting and deciding to cloth diaper my baby is not going to make it any easier but I would really like to at least try.

Here’s hoping that I will be able to stick to cloth diapering and stay true to my stand on going green. If you’d like to know more about cloth diapering, visit this link!

There is a long list of baby essentials that we need to buy (or source for), so it’s great that my sister is handing us some larger hand-me-down items from my nephew because, although it is fun shopping for baby items, it is not so fun on the bank account!

Side Effects of Pregnancy
I’m just two weeks shy of my third trimester (28th week) – which also means the end of the best months of pregnancy apparently!

To date, I’ve told some people that my pregnancy is kinda boring with nothing too fancy to yell about. But at the same time, I know and appreciate that boring also means being blessed with no crazy nausea, crazy weight gain or crazy headaches during the pregnancy. I do experience water retention though. When I first witnessed it, it shook me to my core to see my hands being so bloated like sausages.


And this is not the worst of it!

When it gets bad, I can’t even clench my fists or reach each finger to my thumb. And it continued from there… Now I have the infamous CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) where the wrists hurt and my fingers go all numb and tingly and it even goes right up to my shoulder…to the point where going through simple daily routines like holding my toothbrush or applying eyeshadow actually hurts.

I’ve also been bleeding significantly from my gums whenever I brush my teeth which I read was perfectly normal (WHAT! Can you believe this???). Once in a while I get acid reflux and heartburn as well but nothing too much that I can’t handle. That’s why I call all these, the side effects of pregnancy!

I also just realised I don’t take enough photos of myself and my bump! So here’s one:

Bump Photo at Week 26

Bump Photo at Week 26

I consider my bump still pretty small and from YouTube videos, it seems like the bump will grow a lot bigger in the last trimester! That’s when all hell breaks loose, according to many mothers. It is the time where it’ll feel very heavy, I’ll feel more heartburn and it can get very uncomfortable.

Well, I’ll update you and we’ll see if I really get all of those things checked! Here’s also hoping that I did not just jinx myself by saying I have a boring pregnancy! Till my next blog!

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May 17th, 2019 at 11:13 am    

Write more stuff about pregnancy! I will sure follow and read hehe! All the best for baby prepping (aka shopping)! x

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