24 April 2019, by E-van and Terry

Babymoon Trip to Hong Kong!

We decided to go on a short holiday to Hong Kong to visit an art exhibition called Art Basel, enjoy the good food and also to visit some relatives residing there.

We didn’t plan for the trip to be a babymoon vacation until everyone around us started bringing it up which was, well, not a bad idea!


It was a short 4D3N trip where we stayed at Wan Chai, in an Airbnb that has a live-in cat, Baxter!


If you are planning to stay in an Airbnb, do take note to check with the homeowner if they have any live in pets, some may not be comfortable with pets. For us, we sure enjoyed the company of a friendly feline!

We also put the places we wanted to visit (especially for food!) into consideration before deciding on where to stay. Our pick was perfect because it was located near majority of the famous FOOD places we wanted to visit!

I’m just trying to be a happy pregnant lady and food makes me happy!

Food Galore

We did a little homework on where to eat and, after some Googling and recommendations, we decided to visit the following famous food places (there are more, but I was too hungry to take nice photos of the food before devouring them):

Lan Yuen Fong sells really good breakfast and they are famous for their Milk Tea! Do take note that they are not open on Sundays.


Of course we had to have Roasted Goose while in Hong Kong, so we made our way to Michelin Starred Roast Goose Restaurant, Yat Lok. The skin was so thin, the meat was so tender and juicy, even thinking about it now makes me drool!20190328_131535

And of course we got ourselves some hot and homely Hong Kong Wanton Mee from Mak’s Noodles! (Psst, I heard there is an outlet at The Centrepoint, Orchard too!)

When we met our relatives in Hong Kong, they brought us for dinner almost every night! So, I would like to share that it’s good to know the locals as they are the best tour guides to good food and places that are not filled with tourists!


Pregnancy and travel

The weather during the trip was delightfully perfect at 22-24⁰C.

We walked quite a fair bit during this trip and even though I had my good shoes on, my feet still hurt a lot. Based on this experience, I would advise to keep pockets of resting spots to rest those tired feet. Of course, treat yourself to a street snack (or two…or more! Who cares? You’ve got to pamper yourself!) at each resting spot!

It’s also good to not have a busy itinerary as you will never know when your leg starts to cramp up or in the worst case scenario…swell up due to water retention😥

Other than the occasional fatigue bug and headaches hitting me like a wrecking ball, my pregnancy journey has been pretty enjoyable. Let’s hope I did not just jinx it by saying that out loud! 🙊

And now…for the gender of the baby…*drumroll* We are having a BOY!

As for names, it can be quite a touchy subject between us now because we’ve noticed how different we want Little Wee’s name to be. Nevertheless I’m sure we would come to an agreement and choose a name we both love.

Till my next blog (if Terry survives my pregnancy hormones🤣😭😥)!

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