20 December 2018, by E-van and Terry

Christmas Means Family

Whoa, does anyone else think that this year just went by really fast?

Before you know it, it’s less than two weeks away from the 2019 countdown!

Are you excited for Christmas? Do you know of anyone who doesn’t love Christmas?

Well, I do. Terry. My very own Christmas Grinch 🤣


He thinks that Christmas has lost its meaning. To me, someone who LOVES Christmas…that’s terrible to even think about! But, I’ve made a vow to love him for better or for worse… (pick your battles, ladies)

Christmas Grinch
terry wee
Even though Terry has always been a Christmas Grinch, I will never let him dampen my Christmas spirit.

He used to have a little walk around town with his parents on Christmas day, have a nice little dinner and head home. But now he thinks Christmas has been made a lot more complicated with all the Christmas parties and gift exchange and whatnot.

As wife of my Grinch, I could make him love Christmas a little more😉

Christmas spirits
This year though, there’s been a lack of Christmas spirit on my part. There’s no particular reason why is that, but the excitement is definitely a lot more dialed down.

But, I’ve come up with a plan to still enjoy this season with the husband. Instead of 12 days of Christmas, I suggested, why not we gift each other presents from the 20th, leading to the 25th?

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be anything from a candy to a phone case to an underwear set😏! I don’t have a specific gift idea but, I buy these little gifts when I spot them and think it suits Terry. One of the gifts is a funky pair of socks, perfect for my funky husband!

And surprisingly, the Grinch…I mean…Terry quite liked the idea! So this actually helps me look forward to Christmas a little more.

Preparing Christmas gifts
This year, I’d like it to be exclusive. Only those who matter gets a gift.

Otherwise, it’s all money down the drain. I may sound stingy, but do hear me out.

As you grow older, lesser and more apparent things become important to you. Or rather, you know better what’s worth the effort and energy and what’s not.

One thing for sure, I’m trying to spend Christmas with my family. Because it’s an important tradition to us.

In recent years, we came up with a Secret Santa amongst ourselves and we all look forward to that every Christmas now.

This year, we’ve excluded our parents from Secret Santa because we decided that since we don’t get to buy them gifts often, we’d pool some money together and get each set of parents a gift from all of us. It just makes it a little more special.

For my mum, we brought her shopping and she chose three dresses which we got for her as her Christmas present.

For my dad, he LOVES shoes, but, he has this habit where he will stick to just one pair and use them till they wear out. It’s not that he can’t afford to get another pair…well, I guess he thinks he doesn’t need another pair.

A sneak preview of Dad's only pair of shoe (didn't manage to take a picture of his right shoe without him noticing)

A sneak preview of Dad’s only pair of shoe (didn’t manage to take a picture of his right shoe without him noticing)

So, we decided to get dad a pair of loafers this Christmas! Shhhhh…Don’t tell him🤫

Look forward and enjoy!
How are you spending your Christmas?

I hope you’re not buried in work because it’s December and I know some of you have to work more but it’s also time to let down your hair and enjoy the cool, rainy weather we’ve been getting!

It’s also a great time for a holiday, or just a short getaway!

I just celebrated my birthday this December in Bintan and found it a little overpriced this festive period. You might wanna consider going to Johor for a quick getaway or just for a day trip; remember to check the traffic updates and buffer additional travelling time as the festive period brings more travellers.

I’m really enjoying our weather in sunny Singapore lately. I love every bit of it, because, I’d jump at any chance for cool weather!

All those articles from the local news telling us about thundery showers in the month of December just puts a smile on my face.

I look forward to 2019, not sure what’s lined up for me at work, but pretty sure there’s something good in store for me.

And I really can’t wait for it. Here’s wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ♡

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