30 October 2018, by Jeremy Ratnam

What do we do with 4 kids? STAYCATIONS!

Those Stares
Whenever we head out for a family outing, we always get “the stares”.


Fifty years ago, a family of 5, 6 or more, was a probably a norm, but not in this day and age. Hence, walking down the street, to the MRT station, the bus stop, or even to grab a meal together will result in stunned and shocked faces.

And to add, the kids are seen, majority of the time in matching outfits, which raises questions like, “Are they twins?”

Other common remarks we get are, “Wah! So many kids!” coupled with counting actions. And there have been times when other couples would remark, “You so expert!”

All these remarks put a smile on our faces, and for me and my wife, Jamie, it’s these instances that remind us how proud we are to be as parents.

Jamie and I consider ourselves fortunate to have a big family, especially when we see the children grow up together. They feel it too when they play and learn from each other as a team of four.


My Children
Let me introduce you to the #RatnamKiDS.


Just two years after we tied the knot, Nicole arrived. A year later (or 358 days), Kevin was born. A year and a half on, Junior, our second son was born; and following him, after over a 2-year break, our fourth bundle of joy, Danielle was born.

With two boys and two girls, many folks would say ‘just the right balance with a girl being the eldest’. We would say we are truly are blessed.


My Partner
Let me introduce my wife, friend and partner for life –Jamie. I admire her for handling all four kids at a time, whether to meet me after work, or just to take them out to the mall, ‘has broken down the barriers of having to look after so many kids when out on your own’.

Jamie manages time like a pro! She is an inspiration to me and I believe to many mums (and dads) out there, especially the way she systematically goes about her chores on a daily basis.

On a regular weekday, the day starts off with getting the kids ready for school by around 6am; but preparations would begin the night before with mummy making sure the kids’ uniforms are ready.

The mornings also include the children’s baths and Jamie preparing their breakfast and lunch boxes.

I am so proud of my wife, as she has always been very supportive in what I do; always there for me at my events, whether it’s a closed door event or not, she still makes an effort to tag the kids along with her, and swing by to find out how I am doing, to make sure I am well fed by bringing extra food and drinks and more importantly, showing care and concern.

At the end of the day, besides being superwoman, Jamie is also a great financer. She plans diligently what we need to get for the home, plus she’s a great chef too, whipping out amazing food, every day, so you know there’s a wonderful meal waiting for you when you get home after a long day at work.


Just like every other family, pampering ourselves is a must!


I don’t fly much these days (but I think of it as a good thing), so staycays are top of mind. Staycations are a good way to introduce a little bit of Singapore at a time to the brood. So we plan for staycations on a monthly basis.

For the past 10 years, we have been to almost every hotel in the city, and ventured into almost every hotel and resort on Sentosa Island.

Jamie and I have our favourite local destinations while the kids have theirs, but we tend to give in to them more often, and since it’s the same island we tied the knot almost 14 years ago, we are more than happy to end up on the island of Sentosa on a regular basis!

As the kids would expect a staycay every month, Jamie and I like to keep it fun by not revealing the destination or the date of the staycay and tend to throw a surprise at them from time to time, which absolutely gets them hysterical!

As the sole breadwinner, and with great support from my current company, I make sure that staycays become a reality.

As I end off this blog, it’s time to plan our next staycation!

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