25 October 2018, by Jeremy Ratnam

About Jeremy Ratnam

Hi! I’m Jeremy Ratnam, Senior Music Director of Power 98FM.

I’ve been a local radio personality for the past 23 years, where I started off at Power 98FM, with SAFRA Radio (now known as SO Drama Entertainment or SDE, and then went on to four other radio stations before coming back again to Power 98FM’s weekday lunchtime show Power Up from 10am to 2pm.

Being a DJ is also how I met my wife, Jamie Julian! She was (still is!) a fan of the radio station back in 2002. She won an on-air contest and I delivered the prize to her doorstep. (Come to think of it, I delivered a prized husband that day too!)

We met again a week later, and got married two years after and now have four beautiful children, Nicole, Kevin, Junior and Danielle, known in the social media world, as the #RatnamKiDS.

I’m the first DJ on radio to cross-over to TV and present on then, TCS’ Sports City’s weekly LIVE show ‘The Big Match’ – which highlighted EPL games.

And would you believe my other talent is a singer?! To date; I’ve released three singles from my debut album, one in 2000 and a special Christmas single titled “Christmas Eve” found on the Homegrown Christmas List album in 2005.

I’m also proud to have graduated from NAFA as an artist. My weekends are filled with my children’s activities, public transport rides and show gigs.

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