28 September 2018, by Flora Isabelle

10 things I hate about motherhood

I wrote about Nate turning one previously and some lessons I had to learn – the hard way – about motherhood.


I hate to say this, but beyond everything you see on Instagram, there are times that life isn’t always peaches and cream.

And here’s what:

1) Your body just doesn’t look the same anymore

And I’m not just talking about stretch marks. Despite shedding most of the baby weight in terms of numbers on the weighing scale, I still feel (and look) lumpy in many areas and don’t get me started on how my boobs look now after 13 months of breastfeeding. As much as I’m proud of my “battle scars”, I have to be honest that I don’t think I will be seen in a bikini anytime soon.

2) Sacrificing everything for him

Sleep, regular dinners with the girls, yoga sessions have all taken a backseat and I long for the day I can have these back in my life again.

3) Your pet will be downgraded

Don’t get me wrong – I still love my dog a lot and I try my best to care for him as much as I can but time for time, I just ain’t able to do as much for him anymore such as cooking his meals and taking him for walks three times a day. But, now that Nate is walking and is able to play with him, I really enjoy our evenings together at the park.

4) Mom Guilt

I wrote about it before… and guess what? Several months on, I STILL feel crappy every day without fail.

5) Laundry


6) My house just screams baby everywhere

So much for hiring an interior designer previously when now we gotta take away as much furniture as we can and replace it with baby mats, toys and basically things with bright, gaudy colours that don’t fit into the look of my house at all?

7) Weekends are spent at either Takashimaya or Cold Storage or both

The former to look at baby stuff and the latter to buy stuff for his meals. How exciting.

8) Mom Brain

I thought it was just pregnancy brain and I would recover after that but apparently you don’t? Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation or the constant 24-7 worrying, but my mind just doesn’t seem as agile as it used to be pre-pregnancy.

9) You’ll cry at every single parenting-related advertisement

Did you see this video circulating Facebook? It’s not even about mothers but I ended crying SO MUCH while watching it. Sigh.
10) I don’t feel like myself anymore

I guess the title says it all.

But you know what? Despite it all, I will take all of frivolous unhappiness, ten fold even, anytime any day without fail. Nothing, and I really mean, NOTHING, has brought me as much fulfillment and joy in my life as this little one and I definitely want to take it all – the good times, the bad things – for the rest of my life.

Bring it on!

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