24 September 2018, by Siau Jiahui

Little T Turns 2!

September is Little T’s birthday month!

Unlike last year, I wasn’t racking my brains this time round for any fancy decorations or party props or extensive guest list months before her birthday.

Truth be told, though it was a pretty simple celebration at a function room with slightly more than 20 relatives and friends last year, it wasn’t as breezy as I thought when I had to handle almost all of the preparation and actual event by myself, i.e. party decorations, cake, catering, goodie bags for the children, etc. It’s a good thing Daddy took care of the buffet because I pretty much had my hands full…

Moreover, our household just had a change of foreign domestic helper in August, and it was causing me much agony and stress. Imagine having a helper who could offer nothing but trouble!

I was physically and emotionally drained from training the helper, taking care of Little T, running errands for the family and working full-time!

However, Mr. T was adamant about holding a celebration for her and vetoed my idea of a mini celebration at home as a family of three.

Because ever since the kiddo attended her cousin’s 4th birthday celebration in June, she has been obsessed with singing both the English and Mandarin versions of the birthday song, and then ending the ritual by blowing an imaginary candle.

Hence, the doting father was earnestly looking forward to Little T having her own celebration with an awesome-looking cake, and I would say, much more than Little T herself!

Daddy wanted the birthday theme to be “Pororo” – a little penguin which he insisted that Little T likes.

Though as her mother, I honestly think that Little T doesn’t have much preference on cartoon characters. She delights at the sight of Anna and Elsa, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and any other cute characters anyway! But well, since it doesn’t matter, Pororo it shall be!

Holding a party celebration in Pororo Park Singapore @ Marina Square sounded like a fantastic idea but it would incur a 4-digit bill which we figured wasn’t worthwhile for a 2-year-old toddler.

She most probably would not have much recollection of the celebration and also, she wasn’t old enough to thoroughly enjoy the facilities and party props. Therefore, we came to agreement that some cutesy Pororo decorations and a colourful Pororo cake would suffice for a simple celebration.

To my surprise, it wasn’t an easy feat to source for Pororo wall decorations. Pororo Park doesn’t sell it, most online platforms do not sell them, and there is only a handful of sellers offering these merchandise.

I opted for a seller with slightly more reviews (the others had practically no reviews) and as it was my only hope of getting these props, I bought them over Taobao anyway (with my fingers crossed) even when this series of merchandise costed 4 times more than some other popular-though-generic party props! Luckily, the purchases did arrive and they were of pretty good quality!


As for the birthday cake, we placed our order with Baker’s Heart once again because we were so pleased with the cake that they came up with for her first birthday last year. This year, the vendor specially bought the figurines from Pororo Park Singapore to spruce up the cake!


And true enough, Little T was absolutely intrigued when relatives sang her the birthday song and was captivated by the nicely decorated cake, and that was all she was looking at throughout the singing!

Even Little T’s grandparents were grinning from ear to ear when we were singing the birthday song. Truly an amazing sight, makes me realise that all the hardwork was worth the while.

And even after the party, Little T was happily singing the birthday song for herself!

IMG_1969 (1)

To my precious daughter, 妈妈祝你身体健康、快高长大,愿你能常常沉浸在快乐里!

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