24 August 2018, by Joel Chng

6D5N In Bangkok

Last month, my family of three holidayed in Bangkok for a week.

Why Bangkok, you might ask. Well, I had never been to Thailand prior to this trip. Also, my wife Petrina and I wanted to do something different for our wedding anniversary this year.

However, while planning for the trip we realised that Bangkok is not top of the list when it comes to holiday destinations for parents with young children (our son Ezra turns three in September). But we decided to go ahead anyway.

And you know what? We returned to Singapore with absolutely no regrets – in fact, we had a fantastic trip!

1. Flight from Singapore to Bangkok

Cost of three Singapore Airlines Economy Class return tickets: S$600.00

We picked the 5pm flight, as Ezra had school in the morning and I finished work at 1pm. Travelling with a young kid allowed us access to Bangkok’s airport priority lanes, so we cleared customs quickly.

Tip: When selecting flight timings, do consider the aeroplane’s newness. We flew the Boeing 787-10 and Ezra was kept occupied the whole time (think high-definition, full touchscreen entertainment system). Ezra’s first words when we disembarked? “So fun!”

2. Kid-friendly and Convenient Accommodation

We stayed at Novotel Platinum and the cost of five nights in a standard room (king bed) was S$446.00.

Kids club, kids corner, kids zone – different names in different places, but they all mean the same thing. I thought it was cool that Ezra got to meet and play with children from various countries.

Our hotel is situated above a mall and is connected to train stations and other malls via a sheltered link bridge.

Tip: Having the the kids zone on the lobby level meant that I could check-in and check-out without worrying about keeping Ezra entertained.

3. Bangkok Shopping Markets

We visited four markets in six days, and spent between four to six hours in each market.

Tip: If your child gets cranky from the crowds and heat, switch things up! I let Ezra use my camera and gave him free reign for a few minutes at each market. Trust me; it is interesting to see things from a child’s perspective. I also had Ezra make payment for purchases, and watched with pride as he interacted with stallholders.

4. Asiatique Sky

We took the train to Sathorn Pier one afternoon, then boarded a ferry to Asiatique The Riverfront. First order of business? Asiatique Sky, Bangkok’s ferris wheel.

Ticket prices:
Single Ticket: 400THB (S$17.00)
Child (under 120cm): 250THB (S$10.50)
Senior (above 60 years old): 250THB (S$10.50)

With 42 cabins that can each seat six passengers, it was such an intimate experience. Ezra enjoyed the sights so much that he requested to go on the ferris wheel again! I brought him to check out the carnival rides instead, and he chose to sit on the carousel.

Tip: Take the free ferry (instead of getting there by taxi); young and old will enjoy the breezy 15-minute ride, cruising along the Chao Phraya River.

5. Little Zoo Cafe

Cost of Admission: Minimum spending of 300THB (S$12.50) per person

We spent almost three hours here. Initially fearful, Ezra quickly warmed up to the foxes, meerkats, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, bunnies, cats and dogs. What an experience; nowhere in Singapore can we find all these animals in one place!

Tip: Visit the new branch, as it is located across the road from Siam Square (the original cafe in Nonthaburi is 23km away)

6. Kid-friendly Malls

Three words: Central World Mall. Out of all the malls we visited, this was the best in terms of a dedicated play area for kids. Ezra enjoyed the huge indoor playground and the free kiddy car rental, while I had fun introducing Ezra to arcade games.

Tip: Although there is a time limit for rentals, you are allowed to change cars during those 30 minutes (Ezra was thrilled to try out different vehicles).

7. Thai Cuisine

When it comes to food, Ezra is totally unadventurous. A creature of habit, he is happy to eat the same things all the time. Still, I did my best to get him to try new food. I am happy to report that my son was receptive to Thai cuisine, with the exception of fried grasshoppers (he enjoyed eating fried crickets, though!).

Did you know that the sun rises at 6 a.m. in Bangkok?

That is my only grouse about the trip. Still we went to bed past midnight every night, as there was just so much to do and see!

Naturally, I did not get to do everything on my itinerary. Given more time, I would have liked to visit The Grand Palace, go on the Thonburi Klong Tour, and spend time at the Rama IX Park.

Nevertheless, we returned with many wonderful memories.

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